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March 02, 2012


Russ Schon

I agree with Ron that marketing to "women" is too large a market and should be refined to a more manageable segment. However, all marketing should be women "friendly".

This can be blatantly disregarded by so many institutions including hometown car dealerships and beer companies.

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A Facebook User

I was recently assigned 2 major website redesigns where the target audience was baby boomer women. My project manager jokingly told me that I was chosen as the designer because I'm the only female designer on our team and the clients were looking for someone who wouldn't create "masculine" sites like those in our agency's portfolio.

I laughed it off and thought I could do this no problem.

Wrong! Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm magically in tune with all femalekind. I had to commit a lot of hours to diving into research about marketing to women (including reading nearly all of this blog).

So, yes, Holly, I totally agree with you that we need more women in leadership roles within marketing. BUT, those women can't just rely on their gender giving them magical insight. Research and education is still needed to get a better, well-founded understanding of the hows and whys.

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Wrong! Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm magically in tune with all femalekind. I had to commit a lot of hours to diving into research about marketing to women

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Well, I disagree with Roger Conant.I think that marketing financial services can really work for women.Most of the women I know are very interested in financial services and take care of their finances.To my mind, women and finances are closely connected and the same as men, women are interested in financial services and products.I think that it's hard enough to meet a woman who would stay indifferent about money,most of women take care of their budget and would like to find new ways of earning and saving money.There's a difference between how men and women buy, but I think it's not right to say that financial marketing services doesn't work for women.

Holly Buchanan

Just for clarification - Roger Conant is a big fan of marketing financial services to women. Ron Shevlin wrote the post saying that you can't market to women.

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Solo perché sono una donna non vuol dire che sono magicamente in sintonia con tutti femalekind. Ho dovuto commettere un sacco di ore di immersione nella ricerca di marketing o per le donne (comprensivo della lettura quasi tutti di questo blog).

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agree with your points about all gdneer roles being detrimental to members of both sex But here's the thing. The consolation prizes' that have been reserved for women may look pretty shiny to you- and I agree that you should have them.But . let's use a more substantial metaphor. To me, female privilege is like a small pile of useful items that aren't necessary to survival- like a nice comb for your hair, while male privilege seems a lot like to me like food, water, and shelter. It's easy to covet female privilege when you have the things that are endemic to thriving but a woman can't eat her comb. It's useful, but it won't help her be self-sufficient. She has to keep begging men for food, or water, or the ability to stay dry and not freeze.I know it's not a perfect analogy. But it feels more real to me than shiny objects does.And here's the thing about my comb, which you want more than anything.It's a nice comb! I think you should have one. But a long time ago, the patriarchy decided that women weren't smart enough, or capable enough, or thick-skinned enough, to do things like serve in combat or be the President, or anything important,' really. They decided that domesticity and child-rearing were the only things easy' enough for women to handle.Patriarchy decided that women couldn't be trusted with the food, the water, the shelter. They would ruin them somehow. But here, women, here's a comb, you couldn't possibly screw that up.The comb is a more frivolous item than I mean, really, but I can't think of another right now. But back when Patriarchy decided homemaking was for women, they did kind of consider it as unimportant, so maybe a comb is apt.But once Patriarchy decided women couldn't handle anything but domesticity, Patriarchy decided it was women's work. And once that was decided, domesticity was demeaning for men specifically because it's women's work. Why does women's work demean men? Because women are inferior to men.So yes, women who want to be homemakers benefit from this decision, and you suffer scorn for it. But please remember where that came from. It came from the idea that women are inferior to men. It came from Patriarchy. Most instances of female privilege have similarly problematic origins.Most of the feminists I know would also like to eradicate this tendency to scorn men who are homemakers. Patriarchy hurts men and women. This is not a men win, women lose situation. This is a men lose a comb, women lose food, water, and shelter situation. It's an everybody loses, but women lose a lot more' situation. But when you have all the food, water, and shelter, it's easy to forget that not everybody does, and just focus on the fact that you don't also have a comb.I'd like everybody to have a comb. But first I'd really like to make sure everybody has food, water, and shelter. (I'm not trying to diminish the worth of homemakers here by using comb as an analogy. I just couldn't think of an item that's more important and precious than a comb but less important than food water and shelter right now. It's Friday, and it's been a long week. Maybe replace comb with delicious but mostly lacking in nutrition dessert' vs male privilege being the whole rest of the food pyramid? No, still understates homemakers. I don't know, I'm just not that creative.)


What a fun idea! I was given a huge stack of postcards from the 60-70's and most are blank. I've held on to them until I was inspired. I've got to try this!

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In questo articolo si nutre la mia anima! Grazie per la condivisione.


Oh thank god for your fantastic piece on this NWN. And, for your sound and renasoed logic Super Dik. I believe your perspective is shared by the majority. She is so wrong and it makes me ask: why portray us in this manner? Why would a smart and privileged (I assume) women of our generation (and I define that to be women who have had more real choices than ever) sprout this ill renasoed and baseless argument? In fact, the authority for her reasoning includes a sex-obsessed new age entrepreneur (just where we all get our information) plugging a new book, a brain surgeon (smart but clearly not an expert in this area) and a blokey television show host. She states, Women are also suppressing traditional feminine characteristics like elegance and fragility to take on high power careers and step into male dominated roles. What the fuck? Traditional to who? To what? I aim towards achieving elegance. I am definitely not suppressing it in my experience as a woman. Why must my drive to justify my existence with a career be mutually exclusive to this? It just doesn't make sense. Why does this continue to happen? Should feminists be having a should we re-brand' debate? For our own sake. It is about equal rights and opportunities. Equality. Not pro-woman. And not anti-men. But, I understand enough about the movement to also appreciate why it is the way it is, why we are feminists . I just hope in our keeping of the term, we don't increase the frequency of this willful misuse of the term/movement to catapult careers.


I've just had a baby and (for this year at least) I am sort of a housewife. My pnetarr and I earn roughly equal salaries, with my base probably being a bit higher Than his (defying the stats). But I get paid leave and he has his own business so it makes sense that I take the 12 months off. We are lucky and have choices. The reality also is that I want the time off to be with my new baby, not to mention the practicalities of breast feeding.a0None of this means I choose to end my career or that I don't want equal pay conditions or my pnetarr does not pull his fair share of housework and baby raising. I'll be back at work soon enough and I'll probably wish I worked less hours (and might even tick that box on a bullshit survey) but that doesn't mean I spurn my career just that id like a lie in!a0Affirmative action and quotas is such a loaded and confusing issue with really valid arguments for and against (so much so that I a0have not been able to decide a personal position on it). But you are correct, if there was workplace gender equality it would be a moot point.a0


We should hold fast to the fesiinmt tag. It is definitely kowtowing to the smegma (thank you for that word, it's fabulous) to abandon it.I wonder what frightful economic necessity forced Ms. Asher to write this load of elderly shoemakers? Perhaps her husband died, and with seven children and an ailing mother to support, she is forced to comply with the patriarchal demands of her editor? Harriet Taylor wrote about what a pain in the arse it was to have misogynist men in charge of the printing press, ooh, 1840-ish? Good job feminism has changed all that, eh? I think we should have a competition for The stupidest sentence in this article . Asher's implication that feminism was something that happened once in the seventies and immediately ruined life for everyone is one possible winner. The number of people in history she is ignoring or ignorant of is really, really big.


I didn't like Mark Chou's piece. I thought he msseid the point which is that no one has the right to tell women how to dress and suggest that provocative dress confuses men its back to the ‘she was asking for it’ line again and makes excuses for men again. Not to mention all that judgemental ‘nice girls’ bullshit and that all women want to do is find a nice man. This is what was wrong with the letter. I also think he gave kudos to a fake story . I am not denying the military sex trade stuff but I think if that was what he wanted to talk about he shouldn’t have used this fake story as a way to get to that message, he could have made his point better.


Lexy, we've talked about qaouts before (in real life, shocking!) and I'm sure we'll talk about it again. My feeling is that it's needed because the playing field isn't level. The argument about women being promoted simply to fill a quota doesn't wash with me what company would put someone in an executive position who isn't up to the job? Sure, we've all had bad managers, but senior executive positions are a little different. And yes, there will be some women who don't do a good job, just as there are some men who don't do a good job. But my fear is that if a woman is as mediocre as a man in that role, it will be used as a reason not to promote more women.

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