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September 12, 2011


Kathy Jones

There really is something to email marketing. Even how you place graphics matters. This example is amazing.

Joana Leighmoore

Woah, that's kinda confusing! It's kinda like an eye-test. If anyone looked at the upward arrows on Version A, they won't catch the download button. Anyway, a strategy like this is useful for a company website.

Jeff Schuette

Version B is definitely easier for eyes to follow. I think it's a cleaner design too, which may have helped it win.

Doug Fisher

Your graphics do make a difference when attracting your target audience in internet marketing. Don't just throw anything up there, test it out first! Make money online, you know you can!

Miami SEO Expert

Cool Graphics. I'd lioke to try this.

Tom Launder

Glad I guessed B as well. :) The downward arrows were an easy give-away. You want to lead people to the action not away from it.

- Tom

The confidence guru

I have to say that I was doing the wrong thing with my marketting!!
I don't want to talk about all the money I've lost because of misdirecting my visitors to worthless things.
What i've learned is this: keep it short, tell the benefits in clear, ask for action as soon as possible, and for GOD's sake, do these above the fold, no one in the internet will scroll down to keep reading :)

Martin Kanboor

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Best SEO Company

YES. I've always tried to tell my design buddies the importance of graphics over almost everything else. I will link them to your blog! :) Thank you so much for this.


Lots of great information here. I will be back for more. Have you bookmarked.


I'm just starting out and am interested in developing my landing pages. Your visual test example really resonated with me. Lead your visitors eyes to your action request! This is great design information! Thanks!

Koz Dogan

It is interesting the two graphics used above do indeed somehat influence a users actions. If it increases a click by almost 25%+ then it is something that one should take note of.

But I personally like the the up arrows which appeals to me more than the face-down arrows. I find when I mind map ideas I would use arros coming out of the main box or point just like the first graphic.

Thanks for the article!


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jacksonville seo

Your graphics do matter when gaining your potential audience in internet marketing. Don't just throw anything up there, test it out first! Earn money online, you know you can!

Matthew Leanna

When you’re marketing your product through web design, it should be eye-catching. This is important while increasing your brand’s footprint. It makes a perfect sense when you present graphics on your site that directly conveys your product name. This form of marketing will draw traffic to your site, and increase your product’s credibility.


Just found your wonderful blog through A Mom's Year. Love your style! I'm sick too... definitely sucks. Hope we're both feeling better fast!

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Jamie Viggiano

That's a good study, actually. The arrows don’t specifically point on those graphics, it actually leads your eye to the download button especially the middle arrow. If I were the one who made this marketing graphic, I would replace the middle graphic with a more distinct design so that it would lead my viewers to the download button immediately.

Sage Aumick

I also go for “B”. I think what makes it a runaway winner is that it looks neater and organized. And the buttons and icons do not get in the way of the white space, which is pretty important in web designs.

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