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August 02, 2011


john-White label PPC

Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up


Nice Post! You're completely right when you say that videos help establish a more firm hold on customers. It really gives people the information and insurance they need to invest or buy a product. I find that it gives people an easier way to see proof than to read several long articles. Great Post!


Having video tutorial, demonstration, lecture and other things related to videos are making your visitors interested to your post. I, personally, experienced that all my posts with videos have the most number of visitors.

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I definitely prefer video to reading a manual. My colleagues always laugh because my standard phrase is: 'I have a tool to do that but I don't know how it works'

I would far rather watch someone do it than read their instructions, mainly because, invariably, they will have missed out some crucial point in their explanation - thinking that it's obvious.

If you watch them do it, you can see exactly what they do so no steps are missed.


I think visually it is easier to sell, teach or motivate an action through video rather than just reading about it. So Kudos to you for the post. Using video combined with social media provides the opportunity for the video to go viral and that is the big enchilada. This is a great tool for business. The University of San Francisco, a highly ranked University according to US News and World report, offers social media marketing training.

Rose Ector

Personally, demo videos persuade me to buy the products they sell. Well, products marketed in these videos seem to be like the best one around. Perhaps it depends on the video quality. Yes, women will buy this concept, since women are more detail-oriented by nature.


Video is extremely powerful, especially when you are a professional speaker and talking on topics like you do Michael. Being able to show potential clients your passion and speaking style before they contact you makes it so much easier for them to do so. I have used video for a while. But all the video is very amateur and think that hurts my views a bit. I don't think the videos need to be super professional but they can be too amateur.

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I've been thinking about the same thing for the past few days. Not sure though how to make effective web design related videos.
This post encourages me to keep working on this projects.

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Try to be relevant as well as specific about the content you are adding into your corporate website. For instance, if you have to write content on the section “About Us”, then you can give an introduction of your company, its core values, operations, etc. along with a bit of its history.

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This year, New York opened a flagship store, brand partners to open five stores in the Asia-Pacific region. Brand factory in Somerset, England, has been completed, creating 60 new jobs, is expected to open nine new stores in the second half of the year.

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This subject is interesting for me as I am a woman and am just about to launch an Image Consultancy company in London. My image/logo will be of a man and woman facing each other done in a stylised way and not real people. firstly i want my services (personal shopping, colour analysis,styling etc) to appeal to both men and women but also I felt that there had to be some kind of 'interaction' between them and not just a sterile pose of a woman and therefore making it look as though it was only accessible for women..all your comments have been interesting. I do however believe, that advertising whether its good or bad has a powerful effect on people and whether they choose to buy something or not. there must be a sub-concious process that takes place, whether we like it or not that if you see the face of Gisele Bundchen for e.g the supermodel backing a brand be it a watch, car or piece of luggage then one is 'buying into' that whole image and thats what they want isnt it? I personally am not swayed to buying any single thing unless i can afford it (well most of the time!) but the power of advertising is enormous and must surely use every physcological trick in the book to boost sales amongst us..after all thats the whole point of advertising. Thanks for listening..Rachel Moss London 6th May2007


Yup, signed up. Beautiful world...I'll keep you posted if I come up with anything.

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