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August 15, 2011


Paula Renaye

It's hard to take that first look in the mirror, but it is the only way to make changes--you can change something you refuse to see.

My best friend used to say to me: You are where you want to be. It infuriated me! How dare she say that! I most certainly was not where I wanted to be! Yes, well, the truth is, if I really wanted my life to be different, it would be.

As Holly says, yes, things are a bit tight right now, but for the right mindset, the market is also wide open. If you are the innovator--the one who is bringing new ideas and solutions to the problems--the doors will always be open.

Go for it!


No matter what the situation. Hardline Self Help Handbook is a great way to move forward.

Ashley Baxter

Such good points! It's easy to fall victim to the whole negativity game and constantly bantering back and forth about all the things are wrong. I'd say that's my biggest weakness.

Paula Renaye

Thank you all for the great comments!

I do have a bit of news to share as well. Hardline just won another award! That's three so far. I am truly honored and absolutely thrilled! I posted a little about it on the blog. Honestly, there are a zillion self help books out there and to be recognized like this is absolutely amazing and humbling.

From your comments, I can tell that you are savvy about taking charge of your lives, but if you know someone who could benefit from the book, please recommend it. Thank you!

Mark Wellman

We all have a mind and can choose what thoughts we accept or reject. Further, we can choose who we associate with or who we do not. I was a "water cooler gossiper" for many years and foud that it was bringing me down and creating stress on myself. I change my thinking and people I associated with and began to see improvements in my attitude and career.



Hi Paula, i am agreeing with you on some of the points that we have:our own choices and actions. If you make a choice in your life you must follow it with an action. If the action got you further ahead then stick to what you did. If it did not help, say to yourself - I tried that way and that did not work, i must keep trying ways to make it work. So go with your heart and mind tell you and not what others tell you to say.

Eddie Gonzalez

If you're not happy there. Then find another job where you can be at easy and content. This will be easier than trying to change people's attitude.

Paula Renaye

These are some great comments! I love it when we can all share tips and get tips!

Ultimately, the bottom line really is that you have to love and respect yourself and decide for yourself what's right for you and what isn't.

And just a tiny personal note: if you haven't heard, The Hardline Self Help Handbook just WON the Global eBook Award for Self Help. It's also won finalist awards from The National Indie Excellence and Readers Favorite Book Awards. I'm am really thrilled!

Heather Bronte

I SOO need this book! My attitude at work stinks because it seems no one gives me credit for all the hard work I do there. Everyone deserves to feel better, even me. This is a much needed self help book.


or done (or not) because you weren’t sure how she’d react?What have you done to try to make a good issiepmron?What does he do that makes you trust him?What does he do to make you distrust him?How would you feel if she just disappeared and wouldn’t talk to you anymore? Why?The bottom line is, there are no sure-fire guarantees about anything, and you are your own best litmus test. And ultimately, if you are truly happy with who you are and are just being your true authentic self, you'll have a great chance of attracting that same kind of person and you’ll both be just fine.

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