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August 02, 2011



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wow. this is obscenely sexist.

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And Cynthia knows this from her vast equal experiences as both a man and a woman...?

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good comment..I noticed that the woman had participated in a traditional male sport. When I ask women entrepreneurs if they played sports when they were growing up, many say they played a team sport such as ice hockey or soccer. I know a few who are into car racing or triathlons. thanks for the good information..

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I think that women can just be as successful as men in business. The thing is that many tend to push work aside in favor of starting families which is not a bad thing but it does kind of hold them back. if they don't do this, they may find that they will not have the chance as menopause may hit.

Leo Wadsworth

These generalizations can be helpful - but it is important to see them as generalizations. We all know exceptions to each one, both male and female.

I would say the strongest companies leverage the unique strengths of every one of their people, both female and male, and with as little preconception as possible.

Yvonne Wu

Wow, definitely so true. We need more successful role models and Cynthia's book definitely helps a women entrepreneur achieve success.

Richard Soderblom

Good article. I think women are cretainly better at the social aspect which is a huge bonus. In general guys tend to struggle with it more.


This is based only on your own anecdotal evidence, and is not an adequate representation of the whole population. I would be more convinced if you had provided at least some sort of statistics or data.

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I would say the strongest companies leverage the unique strengths of every one of their people, both female and male, and with as little preconception as possible.

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It was a glorious day. So much fun!!!It doesn't get much better than that!


Yay, Cynthia! My boys are featured on both her blog and her site Cynthia is the best! What I apecpriate about her is how she apecpriates my kids she is so patient with them and she totally gets them and their personalities. She's content capturing them just the way they really are. That means so much. Cynthia has taught me so much about being a mother on top of everything else and living in the moment. I love that she is helping me tell the story of their childhoods through her photography!


Part of me is upset that this episode is over But I'm also quite excietd to see the next transformation scene I wonder what our wonderful author shall parody next Also, GOOD ARCEUS CYNTHIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'??? You didn't invite me in there to spy on our heroes as they play around on the bed Why Cynthia, why ?


Yes, I do remember the POW/MIA baetelrcs because I had one myself.Amazing that you were able to find out information about the soldier who was on your memorial bracelet.Lovely tribute to Veteran's Day, Nitebyrd.Love this..."War is not healthy for children and other living things."Amen!Thank you for sharing this post.X ya, Sis!

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