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July 20, 2011


Samantha R

I do not think it is about women having to brag more, I think it is about women allowing other women to brag more. The problem is not the bragger, instead it is the people that are threaten by a women showing that she has accomplished something.

Patti Arbon

Thanks for the blog... I "stepped out" on facebook when I posted that I had reached my 50lbs lost goal. I had almost dared myself to post it. It wasn't easy!

Just a note about the woman on your facebook that you don't know personally ~ I started something that has been very very freeing to me, and sets boundaries... facebook is PRIVATE ~ if you are on facebook, you know me, and you want to see pics of my daughter's wedding. It's my space for friends and family. Linked in is professional, I am on a site for weightloss and that's where they care if I said no to a second cookie and can give me a ^5 if I got out for my walk, and Twitter is a real mix (new to twitter to be honest).

By the way WTG on being RT so many times!

Tara Marino

The “bad bragging” and “good bragging” is a bit tricky since the difference between them is quite slim. But yes, I totally agree that there’s a way to say your accomplishments without sounding as if you’re bragging. It’s something that women can learn.

I also agree with the other comments here that a lot of factors are at play here – how other people see you, people’s personal feelings towards your success, other people’s attitude or mood etc. Sometimes even if you edit what you say as much as you can, there’s no pleasing everybody.


Feb22 OMG! Cool. Id love to read those too, if only to know how men ralley think, and then some. VS dont turn men on? Really? im soooo relieved!


I find it really annoying when women or men brag. I have a friend who is always carrying on about how amazing she is and I'm thinking, yes you're gorgeous and men chase you and you are doing well in your career and you have money and yes people all LOOOOVE you sooo much because you're so full of wonderfulness, but seriously I'm yawning here. Don't you have something more meaningful to talk about. There's a hell of a lot more to the world then YOU.


I just love everything about you and your magazine! So inspiring!


Hi seen you! )One thing is for SURE about Ree Ree ONCE SEEN NEVER FORGOTTEN I have had the pleasure & plviirege to meet Ree Ree once in London on 14th August 2011- an experience I shall never forget even though I was only driving her! The name Ree Ree translates to ‘’the ultimate Wow Factor’’ – or may be ‘’the ultimate power house’’ or…… what the heck, why try to put a label on such an outgoing ‘real’ person.Was great to have the opportunity to be of service.Richard.


i got a tear remembering when my paige left to go to her dad's for crmisthas...oh, i hated that so much. i never feel complete without all the kiddos! as for you and spidey looking alike...you know i look way more like my non-bio kids than my bio ones! i'm just saying that it proves god's sense of humor! merry crmisthas!


Hold it, you lost over 110 pounds?! You dfteniiely deserve a brag and then some! That's phenomenal. I didn't know you before the weight loss so that was news to me. You look wonderful and those big eyes are pretty!Merry Christmas, my new bloggy friend!

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