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July 18, 2011


kalamazoo financial planner

Women should never be underestimated or ignored. Here is another example of that.

The confidence guru

WOW: "A man will take care of you financially -- 44%"!!!
No wonder most of the women will throw you away if they can't get you to buy them something!!!!

Benjamin Skinner

That's a pretty amazing shift in opinion and beliefs. Personally everyone should rely on themselves no matter what their gender.

Accounting Practice for Sale

The statastics dont lie and boomer women have been known to make up a significant portion of the business in a number of the accounting firms in which we have delt with.

Avril Copperfield

I think financial services are pretty difficult to sell. The survey results are very interesting. As for me, I like to take care of my own finances. That's right, I show my money who's boss.


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Hi,I am one of the Baby Boomers you speak of. After just 2 years in my network manertikg company I matched my income from my counseling business and was able to retire after all. I had been very stressed prior to this thinking I would never be able to stop working (as so many Boomers fear today). Network manertikg has changed my life and I have authored or co-authored 2 books about it License to Retire for Baby Boomers, and License to Dream for women of all ages. Today I travel, work with teams of people I choose, and love helping others on the road to financial freedom.


To me, as a person who likes to take a long view of tnhigs, the interesting questions are how church-going came to be normative in the first place, and why it has stayed that way much longer in some places (say, rural and Southern US) than others (like most of Europe).My impression is that many people used to go because it was simply the thing to do and all their neighbors went, rather than because of any deep personal need; and what will remain of church once all of these (forgive me, I call them pew potatoes ) have stopped going may be something healthier and more meaningful than it ever was before


Would those of us who are committed inasstutiontliits be able to expect that the something meaningful folks may be looking for might at some point involve SOME work on behalf of the church? Not right away of course! Some of us get a little tired of doing all the work of providing a place for people who seem only want to enjoy themselves. Can these folks (and it's not just young folks) understand that our churches cannot sustain themselves, much less offer relevant programming, without their involvement at some level?

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