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July 25, 2011


Holly Buchanan

I believe BOTH social media and content rich sites, in combination, deliver the best results.

This is the part of the research that is perhaps the most interesting:
"Content channels such as lifestyle and special interest sites offer 3x the impact on purchase decisions compared to other online channels, creating much better opportunities for advertisers to build relationships. Marketing messages resonate more with women when presented in the context of content channels as opposed to social media sites."

I believe what they are saying is - when she is doing her pre-purchase research, content channels have more information to help her make a decision to purchase. If I am thinking about buying a new dryer, I may visit a social media site to see what people are saying about a particular brand, but I'm likely to spend more time googling content sites for more in-depth information.

But on the "relationship building" front, I think social media, especially post-purchase, is a highly effective channel.

Holly Buchanan

FYI - the above comment was in repsonse to a comment that was accidentally deleted. the commenter asked if the report was valid since it did not ring true with their experience.


Hi Holly-

I'm one of the authors of this study from the Added Value side. Thanks for sharing it and talking about it. I'm not sure what the original comment was and so am unable to directly address that. The key thing to note is that women have various Need States - and various channels help in activating them differently. How receptive they are changes across channels as well. Social Media doesn't lend itself very well to traditional advertising because of the mind set that women are in while there.(Note that this is true at this moment, admittedly these things keep evolving.)

Women talked about how it was like an inner social circle that Marketers were intruding upon. However it is a fertile engagement ground. For brands that have been accepted, where women are already willing to have a relationship - social media can be a great place for brands to build on existing affiliation/positive inclination. And yes content is the driving force that makes for deeper connections.

Nima Srinivasan
SVP, Added Value

Ozio Media

I, too, think social media and content rich sites should be integrated. Women, more than men, use the internet to find information and conduct their own research. Social media is a great platform to send women to content rich sites filled with the detailed information they are looking for. I also think that different social media sites should be used to share different types of content.

KeshaSpark @ sites for women

Yes, I agree with the same. Social Media alone is of very little help. The proper balance comes through with a content rich site alongwith social media.

Mac Pherson

Hmmm... both content-rich sites and social media make valid points. It's tough to determine which one is more appealing since both have different variables that affect the verdict significantly. As for me, content-rich sites and social media should be utilized alongside each other to achieve marketing goals.

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I am hoping I can build a site similar to your own and will check out your posts with great interest.

Sage Aumick

Yes, content-rich sites and social media make an effective tandem in attaining SEO goals. Social media platforms have the capacity to promote these sites, which eventually gqain traffic.


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