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June 06, 2011



Wow, some great information here. YvonneW


Glad I found this! Will look out for that book. May come in handy as I have built my site with this market in mind. The real problem is though, is getting people to actually do it themselves. There are far too many who expect it all to be done for them and for nothing.

Like the site and thanks for sharing. :)

and yes, watch out, there is a male in your midst :)

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The picture makes me feel like a potential rich guy. Seems like I'm gonna read this one.

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Thank you for organizing 16 days of prareys. I am especially grateful that ECW, AWE, and EWC are cooperating in this important time. Our ECW President at St. Mary's in Eugene, OR has forwarded information about it to the women of the parish and I am forwarding it to our Outreach Ministry Council Interested Parties email list.Once again for your leadership and guidance.PeaceKatharine Hunt


Posted on Salam kenalSalut dengan anda,Anda meimkili kemampuan dan semangat yang luar biasa, melebihi orang lain yang dikaruniai fisik yang normal.Maju terus, langkah anda menjadi inspirasi bagi banyak orang

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