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May 16, 2011



I'm not surprised at all to find out that networks have a double standard when it comes to men's and women's pleasure. It's disappointing, but fits in with so many other double standards that I don't see how anyone can be surprised. It's good news that these products are so far along in development, though. I hope they don't have some currently unknown side effects.

Erectile Dysfunction

I have a close friend who takes medication for his ED problem; no one I know has a problem with it, and no one I know would have a problem with medication aimed at females for better sexual activity. It's a shame that there are still such stigmas in the ever evolving future we live in. I say fund it as much as ED gets funding.


Many women say that feelings of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction do not happen as naturally as they would like...the need for a solution that improves women's sexual satisfaction is clearZestra is a very good option now available to women.

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