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April 22, 2011



Thank you my friend :) I will come back to read more from you!


I think underlying this plreobm is the still strong bias against househusbands or men who only work at their jobs. Nobody looks askance at a man who marries a woman who is willing to stay at home with the children, but a man who makes that choice is not only thought of as being a slacker but I would bet that relatively few highly educated women would find such a man to be interesting enough to marry. This stacks the deck against women because I would wager that most highly educated women would want to marry an intellectual and educational peer. It is true that there are more two-career couples (which is not the same as two-job couples or one career and one job couples). So, in the end, child care disporportionately falls on the woman. Let's also face it. Science is a jealous Mistress or Master and demands more than a 40 hour week.I was amused to read about how the biggest waste of time, academic commitees, are falling disproportionally on women. One should be cautious about one's wishes they may come true.

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