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March 21, 2011


Chuck McKay

Bravo, Holly. Good examples, great observations.

This post is a complete "how to" lesson all by itself.


I recently had to hire a consultant to review how the marketing strategy I had implemented at my small manufacturing business addressed my female customers. Given that my entire management team is male, it provided a well-needed insight.



Awesome, I'm sharing! And you're right, we will be merciless in our teasing (and sharing).

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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No offense, but if theres a facebook like button, itll be much easier for me to share.

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It's good see some down to earth language. Words like shit' and fuck' are purewfol words that send a distinct message of your disgust. Please continue to post in this manner it makes me feel normal I often tone down my posts and bloggs because I'm afraid to offend the little darlings I have a great capacity to offend people. But I say : If you don't like the heat, don't start a fire.


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So, ANY time I speak to another woman, that's gsoisp'? Interesting. Today my topics-of-choice during gsoisp time included mental illness, insomnia, use of the comma and the relative merits of dry toast and vegemite for an icky tummy. There was also a lengthy discussion about why I objected to a thoughtless comment that girls don't play sport , directed to a bunch of children. I didn't realise I was supposed to be talking about shopping, food, sex and other people And all up the whole gsoisp time took about 45 minutes. I'm going to lose my Girly Card for sure.I did love the caption on the awkwardly staged photo. Some women gsoisping yesterday. Okay then.


Thanks for the comment. I osiovubly cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I was using “we” in the sense of all people interested, concerned, and involved with these issues. And I was arguing that the stereotypes here are more problematic than the liberal “celebration” of female agency, not saying that the harassment itself is not a problem. That’s something else altogether, and I think it should absolutely be a priority — everywhere it occurs.I agree with you that social science and activism can be complementary. I don’t claim to be social scientist or an activist, and honestly I have had serious issues with social science (especially anthropology) in the past, but I guess if I had to articulate my position I would somehow combine the two categories. I disagree with your suggestion that it’s important not to let social science be “guided by political aims,” however. This gets into the question of whether there is such thing as “objective” social science, and I personally don’t think there is. I’m not sure how it’s ever possible to do research without political goals or consequences. And what are “good science” and “bad science” in this respect, anyway? I’m curious what you were getting at.

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