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March 18, 2011


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I really don't get the aremngut that being an older parent is harder for women than it is for men.Being pregnant and giving birth CAN be harder if you're a much older mother. (Pregnancy and birth are the burden of women regardless of age and sometimes age is no indication of how tough you will have it physically speaking.)But that a woman's age some how makes it harder for her to parent than for a man to parent I call bullshit on that one. I love that line battling mastitis and menopause simultaneously really? I wonder if De Brito realises how stupid and how NOT witty that is. (I read that and heard the folks are dumb where I come from song in my head)


I thought it was good that a man was crcsiiiting the letter, because it's usually women who have to point out how offensive attitudes like Campbell's are, and that means our point gets dismissed by quite a few people oh, it's those angry feminists complaining again. That the letter was fake is irrevelant because it got major news coverage. Whether or not Campbell exists, it was still written by someone having a go at women who dress like sluts and send mixed messages . And Mark Chou's piece is the only one I saw in response to it.

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