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February 08, 2011



Just for your information Men also want activities that bring people together rather than isolate them.
You didn't want to risk offending women by claiming want also want devices that are simplistic so apply the same thinking to men.
We don't want to isolate ourselves.

I have to say it is good to see gaming advertising that is for everyone. Nintendo have been failing on this point for years in the UK by trying to sell to women by having them beat and taunt the men playing with them. Nice move to isolate your main demographic.


I meant - claiming men also want devices that are simplistic to learn

Holly Buchanan

That's why this campaign is so great - it's focused on features a lot of people enjoy. It's a great example of how creating an experience that women enjoy can also create an experience men enjoy as well. It does not have to be either or.

thanks for bringing up some great points.


Whether this commercial appeals to women because it is a shared activity, or the issue of whether this appeals more to men or women can be a subject of an interesting debate but one things remains true - Kinect is an awesome game! Good job for examining several aspects of this video game in such detailed and keen evaluation.

Mario Games

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seo melbourne

It's very close to "connect" one of women's favorite words.I have to say it is good to see gaming advertising that is for everyone. It does not have to be either or Nice Blog. Keep posting.I recently came across your site and have been reading along.

Rose Ector

It looks like it will be a very effective ad campaign for women. In addition to what you've mentioned here, women love to interact with each other and become more adventurous. This gaming experience fills that demand.

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Janna Haze

Kinect helps me to kill the boredom that I am experiencing when I am home with my kids. I was thinking of the other games that is for women and the specifications are made for women.


kinect bundle / I have to admit, I've been an enurooms Venture Natal/Kinect sceptic ever since it was announced with that sham Milo walkthrough and an awful lot of hyperbole. I have been trying to maintain an open mind but the varied rumours that have circulated about house, lighting and multiplayer points have been a trigger for concern. The advertising and marketing resolution that Microsoft took to place this in the arms of mainstream journalists and celebrities rather than anyone who actually has experience and expertise writing about gaming was extraordinarily worrying.


Laine Pawluch / Kinect games are totally amseowe. The UI outside of the games was confusing. XBOX wouldn’t let me upload photos or videos even though it recognized me and my xbox live account name

Kimberly Allen

There are newly improved games nowadays in which the specification is for women. This can surely help us to enjoy while staying at home.


The xbox 360 Kinect with 4 GB. is what the original ardcae version should have been, and is definitely worth its $300 price tag. 10 new features of this model are: 1. New Valhalla chip hopefully improved design to prevent RRoD issue, but tech. reviews noted that the Jasper chip in the older Elite model runs cooler 2. WiFi N this is the newest wifi standard that is 12X faster (up to 600 Mbits/ sec) than wifi G; you'll need a Wifi N router to get the max. speed 3. digital optical audio port (if your sound system is separate from your TV, then you'll need this to get full 5.1 surround sound) 4. 4 GB of flash memory (although 1.1 GB is used by the game system, but 0.3 GB can be reclaimed by deleting 4 game demos) 5. 5 USB ports (2 in front & 3 in back) 6. slimmer design with side vents (to prevent overheating) 7. dedicated port for Kinect with demo game (also $50 cheaper than buying Kinect separately from Xbox) 8. only 1 year of warranty (the only negative; older Elite models had 3 yrs.) 9. USB flash drive support (this was a xbox software update released in April 2010) 10. ESPN video streaming (will be included if you are a Gold member, $50/ yr.; should be available about Nov. 2010) Slim 4 GB vs. 250 GB hard drive: I bought the 4 GB system over the model with 250 GB hard drive because the xbox now supports game saves/ installs/ downloads and pic/ audio/ video downloads to USB flash drives. It supports 1-2 USB flash drives with 1-16 GB memory (using a 16 GB drive, 1.6 GB is used for formatting). Saving games and media to the USB drives is recommended since loading games and media will be much faster (reading memory is faster than reading hard drive) and more reliable (flash memory rarely fails, unlike hard drives); even the xbox live director recommended using USB drives for storage. If you have such a huge appetite for videos downloads and game demos that 32 GB can not accomodate, then you can always upgrade later with the 250 GB hard drive that will be sold in November; note that the older xbox hard drives are NOT compatible with the slim models. Installing xbox 360 games and game demos on the flash drives is no problem; xbox will ask you which drive to install the game. However, I can not verify if you can install older xbox games like Halo on the flash drive. The only xbox game I have is Halo 2, which does not install on flash. This problem may be specific to Halo 2 because even xbox live does not have Halo 2 for sale, which means Halo 2 is not supported without a xbox hard drive. I'm suspecting that any older games listed on xbox live is enabled for flash installation, but if they're not listed then you'll need a xbox hard drive. This is annoying but not a big issue since there are only a few older xbox games that you may want to play. While the concept of natural body movements translating into character's actions sounds intuitive, the implementation of this idea in games has eluded many game developers. Too much motion will tire out the gamer, repetitive motion will bore the gamer, and complicated motions can not be successfully detected by the controllers. I'll compare motion controllers for all 3 systems below. Usage Comparison: The Wii was wildly popular when it was released due to its novelty, however 4 years later, few Wii game innovations have appeared causing Nintendo to lose market share in the past year. The PS3 Move is more accurate than the Wii since the Move tracks motion in 3-D space while the Wii tracks motion in 2-D space (2 dimensional, like paper) and analyzes that data to interpret 3-D movements. The light globe on the PS3 Move looks cool initially, but the bright light becomes glaringly annoying soon, especially in a dark room. Both the Wii and PS3 motion controllers are less integrated to the console's navigations and functions than the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect allows users to say commands and motion gestures to navigate menus, browse online, interact with avatars, and play media content. Winner: Xbox Kinect. Price Comparison: The Wii system ($200) includes the 3 controllers (Wiimote, nunchuk, & motionPlus) needed for 1 player, but costs another $40-80 per player, depending on the accessories that you buy. The PS3 Move retails for $100 for 1 player and the XBOX Kinect retails for $150 for 2 players, but both are accessories so they require the original game system. Also, the PS3 Move requires $50-100 more per player, depending on the accessories that you buy, while the XBOX initially supports 2 players but is capable of tracking 6 players for future games. All 3 motion systems include a game to showcase the controller's features. For 2 players, the Wii is the cheapest system and the PS3 is the most expensive; but when the Xbox supports 4 players (probably via a software update in 1 year), it will be cheaper than getting a Wii. Winner: Xbox


-Note: I will add a LOT more to this review the more I play it. Stay tuned.-First thnigs first here's what you get when you get Forza 4 at or soon after launch date:The limited quantity Ship Bonus car pack available for fans who order Forza 4 early: 1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe 2011 Koenigsegg Agera 1997 Lexus SC300 2011 RUF RGT-8 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport It's finally here! After what seemed like decades, Forza Motorsport 4 is now available, much to the delight of video game and car enthusiasts everywhere. Given how great Forza 3 was, could Forza 4 be even better?The answer is, well yes.Forza 4 is everything the third was, and more. More cars, more manufacturers, more racers online (16-players!), and, although not TOO many more, more tracks. I could make this review be 5,000 words long, but rather than do that, I'll try to make it relatively short. This game's incredible. I already said that, didn't I? Aw but seriously. The World Tour mode is absolutely brilliant, and makes the single-player more fun to play, whereas in Forza 3 at least in my opinion the game was much better online. The only real downfall in World Tour is that, although the A.I. is SUPPOSED to get better or worse depending on your playing abilities, it doesn't work all that well, and you'll breeze through half the career or so with no trouble at all if you're a somewhat competant driver. The best thing about the World Tour, is that you unlock cars each time you level up. And now you're likely saying, Hey. Idiot. We could do that in Forza 3. But this time? You get a selection of normally between 2 and 5 cars to pick, and let me tell you, a lot of the time you are going to rip your hair out trying to decide which car you want. Lamborghini, Ferrari, or McLaren. Hm Also in the single-player is the all-new Autovista mode, which allows you to take a look at a handful of the game's hottest cars, inside and out. Not only do you get some random British guy giving you information, you also get a bit of commentary from Top Gear's own Jeremy Clarkson, and lucky for us, Turn 10 didn't give him a script to read he's as Jeremy-ish as ever. I should also let you know that to get the cars available in Autovista, you have to complete single-player tasks, so you can't turn your 360 on, go to Autovista, and check out Halo's Warthog right out of the gate. As a matter of fact, it'll take you quite a long while before being able to check that thing out. Autovista isn't going to be for everyone I for one find it pretty cool, but I wouldn't check out a car more than once, but there are some people that will spend quite a bit of time drooling in it, and then another group of people that will find it completely and utterly boring.That sums up the single-player in a nutshell, really. Given that the game hasn't been released at the time of this review, I'm unable to review the multiplayer effectively, so I'll add that in at a later date. How's the game look? How does it sound? Let me just say that this is the best looking game I've ever seen on a video game console it's CAR PORN at its finest, and the sound only enhances it. While Forza Motorsport 3 had some cars that sounded sort of meh, Forza 4 is just insane that's really the only way I can think to describe it. The tire squeeling, the engines reving, the gears shifting, all of it is pretty much unbelievable. The one downfall is the soundtrack, which I believe would be more at home in an arcade racer, not a simulation game like Forza.I've already said it probably half a dozen times, but Forza Motorsport 4 is THE GAME for fans of cars. With so many cars and more to come in the way of downloadable content over the months, there is something for anybody with a pulse. This review was quite brief, as I didn't want to explain every single little thing in the game, but I think I got the point across I have a gut feeling this game will be my Game of the Year, and I've yet to play Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, or anything like that yet. Yeah. It's that good. Pros: Several hundred cars with plenty of more coming in the months following release. Improved everything, as you'd expect car physics are more realistic than ever. 16-player online racing.Cons: Only five new tracks, and developer Turn 10 isn't guaranteeing there will be more in the future as DLC. No Porsche due to licensing issues, although a few RUFs are available. (It's rumored that Porsche may be downloadable content after EA's exclusitivity rights expire in December.) No weather effects or night racing.5/5


We have all the systems, Xbox, Xbox 360, psyiltataon 2, psyiltataon 3, PSP, DSL, Wii, Itouch and now new Xbox 360 Kinect (video games are my addiction) Positives about the new 360 with Kinect: -Supper easy to install (even if you never own an xbox before) -Has built in memory (old 360 didn't) -You can add flash drives for even More memory (not xbox 360 memory card that cost $60, normal flash drive you can pick up for $20) -Has built in Wi-Fi nothing to install to connect xbox live (old 360 you had buy an antenna) -You can control the xbox main menu with your VOICE, say xbox, say game, voice command soo Neat and Easy, so if your controller battiers die no biggy just tell it what to do!! No controller needed. -Kinect games are way More Fun then Wii, my 65 yr old mother (grandma) was playing with the kids everyone was laughing, jumping and enjoyed it!! -Kinect games are easier then Wii for little kids but Fun for adults too. With Wii you have to hold the controllers just right for them to work, if you don't flip your writs a certain way you'll lose. My littlies one Never held the controller right on the Wii and had hard time scoring in games and would always lose. With Kinect there is NO controller, you use your body & voice to play, my littlies one had no problems and score more then his older brothers!! And my kids LOVE how Kinect takes pictures (Wii can't) of them jumping during the game and then shows them the pictures, they were rolling on the floor laughing at themselves, mine never laughed that much playing Wii!! Negatives about 360 with Kinect You can NOT connect your old hard drive (not memory card) hard drive to the new 360 so you can't carry your old stuff over to the new one I can't think of any other negatives, we really enjoy it and can't wait to buy more kentic games to play with Grandma and I plan on selling our Wii.


I kno u said that u checked the disc but just to make sure, check calrfuely, and f u see a perfect circle a lil bit under the outer part of the disc then ur screwed.

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