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February 05, 2011


Roger Conant

Great info, Holly! Shari Storm was the first to launch a blog for a financial institution, but I'll bet she had to give her very best effort to convince her board to do Verity MOM. I've been chasing this "segmenting to women" for a while now. As President Bush said, "it's hard work", but I've always known we had time (and the stats) on our side. (Hope I just live long enough!):-)

Janet Garraty

This is great, Holly. I am meeting with an insurance broker president looking to get his message out to my audience, which is decidedly female. I believe much of this information can be translated for his business as well. Thank you very much.

Dave Fux- Keiba 2011 finalists

Great effort to describe an unseen stuff between a man and a woman. One can change his attitude in much positive way after reading this article.


Truly agree Holy with all the points you have mentioned in above article specially changes appreciation.

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Dr. Shari was my mentor in the world of hetalh and nutritional medicine. I was fortunate to have her as my professor at the University of Bridgeport. She was a rare, bright shining light of inspiration and courage in the field of natural hetalh and life in general. She was a dynamic instructor the best teacher imaginable. Brilliant, courageous, fun, inspiring, supportive, encouraging!! I feel the world is a lonelier place without her unbridled, galvanizing spirit amongst us. As practitioners, as friends, we have a responsibility to carry forth her teachings and spirit that's the best way to honor her and thank her for making us and the world a better place to live in. It's painful knowing I won't be seeing her again. But I will always see her smile and always hear her voice. Shari, I'm so grateful and honored to have known you. Thank you. Patrick Moore

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