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June 09, 2010


web design

You are absolutely right.Nothing can match up to an online video when it comes to drawing attention of potential customers.I am a women and i am someone who is driven by features.So i can clearly understand what you are trying to imply.

Rob Wheeler

Thanks for the information. You're right on... Video is it!
I have discovered that the four most damaging words that can be strung together is "I already knew that"


I think it's also because of how catchy online videos are. Most women are enticed by a video's design, script or music. That's because online video makers consider their audience's gender and age when creating an online video.


I think the short film was absolutely worudnfel and jaw dropping! Yes, it is absolutely crazy. Yet, in some weird way, it is still captivating. I actually watched it twice before commenting. I think it is extremely difficult to wrap our mind around the fact the family is black because we, as black people, contribute these kind of actions with 'white' families. However, if we would be truthful, there is a lot of dysfunction in the 'black home'. We, unlike other races, have been taught to keep our family home life or craziness quiet, covered and neatly packed behind closed doors. Molestation is nothing new to the black family. Needless to say, I think the father started the perversion. I think the son because of his perverted love for his father just continued it throughout the years. In the argument leading to his father being killed, the son makes the statement saying "This is what you started....". I must admit, the son was obsession was very paramount which was frightening in itself. Being a victim of molestation, I don't think this storyline is too far fetched. Neither do I think the father was molested nor rape, I think the father was a victim of his own sins and didn't know how to sever what he began. Thumbs up to the writers! A very thought provoking film...

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