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June 08, 2010


Phil Wrzesinski

I have seen it in my own household. My wife frets and stews over every purchase no matter how big or small. I go for the easiest, simplest solution possible. My wife will visit six or seven stores weighing every possible situation to make sure the purchase is perfect. I'll go to the store of my choice and make do with whatever they have. Yeah, I can relate to both his and your points.


Hi Holly,
Interesting post. Do you know Mark Gungor? He explain very well the differences between the brains of woman and man. This is the video, it's very funny http://bit.ly/1QQbkQ

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Quite an interesting post.That too a man's perception.Read the points very well and i must say that i could relate with some that was mentioned over here.People in sales profession ought to read this post.They'll get valuable tips about selling to a woman.Thanks.

Holly Buchanan

I love Mark Gungor's stuff - he cracks me up.


Great to have more discussion of brain topics since - by definition - the brain drives all behavior.

Let us suggest some corrections that we find find important for marketing and understanding behavior. There is too much to go into a long comment and we post on some of this in our blog: http://bizbrain.tumblr.com.

The basics:

- It's probably incorrect to characterize the frontal lobes as "...responsible for problem-solving and decision-making...". In fact, it appears that behavior is driven by the brain-stem and mid-brain regions in milliseconds, unconsciously and impulsively and reactively. Consciousness and will power appear to have little, if any, influence on behavior. "consciousness is not casual." This, of course, seems absurd since it "feels" strongly like we do. Just like it used to "feel" like the earth was the center of the universe. etc.

For example, so called "executive function" often is mainly a pop construct. For professional marketers, it's best to be skeptical of brain information and ideas in the popular media. Good headlines - weak science.

- The limbic cortex does have influences on behavior but brain-stem and deep, very "old" structures seem the main causes.

These points are actually critical for marketers since it predicts, accurately, that self-reports can be very poor predictors of, and in fact counter to, real-world behavior.

In our client work, it has pointed us to deeper, brain-stem processes for our "investments." This is also why businesses serving addictions, coffee/booze/fast-food/nicotine/drugs/etc, as so reliable and profitable.

Note: The brain knowledge is changing daily and we are not scientists, but our general understandings are primary research-based heuristics. Equally important, we find they work. There are also immense individual differences.

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I go for the easiest, simplest solution possible. My wife will visit six or seven stores weighing every possible situation to make sure the purchase is perfect. I haven't addressed?" to see if she is missing crucial information, then let her go do her processing and set up another appointment.


Women have great intuition. Most men would rather women make most decisions anyway at home. That is why they want to make all of them at work.

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These points are actually critical for marketers since it predicts, accurately, that self-reports can be very poor predictors of, and in fact counter to, real-world behavior.


Well usually i let my wife to make the accounts and stuff like that because she better on that than me, and she really seems to enjoy, when i meet her a few years ago she never work in administration but know she's working in one HP offices as administrator and she never make studies or something related, she's just good at it.

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This is excatly what I was looking for. But I really didnot wish to let him stay alone at home because he is just too cute and sweet. Now we can plan ourweekend accordingly where he may also enjoy.


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Well, to my mind all of this is a problem to the exentt to which fancy-dress parties are a problem and I'm not the only one who sees balls as a retrograde, politically conservative custom which entrenches a Bourdieuian habitus of the wealthy and privileged, and their pretty girls, etc. But you can't have one and not the other and this is where talking about tradition' as opposed to principle is unhelpful.On the other hand, getting involved and voting for change' is not, in itself, self-reflexive cultural analysis, is it? It's action I mean, I understand your point, but there is a difference between managing a facility and reflecting on a philosophical principle. I mean, how do you propose one to go about introducing mixed-sex nude saunas into these public facilities?


Imagine if we could Imagine if we could plastically plug into bniras on life support, to experience the knowledge and experiences of elders who came before us.Imagine if we could develop hypersensitive neurons that picked up the electrical charges of someone else's neurons in effect, reading the mind of someone else.Imagine a neuron garden.Imaging parasites that ate away the goo on the synapses between neurons which speeds up thought processes.

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