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April 01, 2010


dean graziosi

These are truly great examples of a website designed for women and I am so glad to see all these.Yes it is absolutely right that women always like actual handwriting.You have well written about watermark.

Flash website

Hello.The post was quite interesting to read.Never thought on these lines,i.e how men/woman react to websites in a different way before reading this post.Completely agree with the point in which you have mentioned that a man's brain is compartmentalized.Thanks for elaborating on the points too.


Very interessting example of a website designed for women.

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I have always thought that different websites would attract different genders. This is an interesting post that confirmed my thoughts about the design of different websites.

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Hi, I'm want to learn web design but dont have the money to do a course right now. What web site can i go onto to start learning how to design web sites? What would be the best course to learn web design?

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Hi! Your post was very interesting, even though I fell a little bit uncomfortable when I read an article that supports the Otherness of the genders, but that's not the issue :) I'm trying to re-design my friend's (an artists)website, and I believe this info will be very helpful. so... thanks :)

Web Design Manchester

Interesting ideas to take on board. I haven't thought of designing for gender but must give it more consideration.

Joana Leighmoore

Women indeed love to play with colors (bright colors) and curvy fonts. They usually love having handwriting fonts - especially when they are blogging - to make it look like they're writing on their diary. The curves give out a feeling of being "carefree" with graceful movements. And when added with colors, "life" is added as well; now that's "Living Life Gracefully".

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I'm html and php student and I have to give my congrats to the designer of that place. Great design!!

Aiden Carns

As long as there are playful elements, colors and designs, women would never fail to like websites like this! It's one great example, and I'm sure there are similar ones out there as well! It takes a lot of research to be able to make a good website like this though. With the help of technology now, it's always possible.

Staci Burruel

What I noticed first about this website is that the web elements are not enclosed in a box. They are very interactive, and when the cursor points to any of them, the subject spreads to reveal sub-topics. It defies the conventional box-like design. The colors and fonts are also soft and curved respectively, assets which are found usually in women.

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Well usually i let my wife to make the accounts and stuff like that because she better on that than me, and she really seems to enjoy, when i meet her a few years ago she never work in administration but know she's working in one HP offices as administrator and she never make studies or something related, she's just good at it.

Staci Burruel

There are a lot of valid observations in this post. I definitely agree with the point about the handwriting font and the curves. Women are more quickly moved by visuals, and that’s why they’re quickly drawn to anything graceful and elegant, like fonts that don’t look stiff and the softness of curves.


Great post! I think that those women, as well as other women who embrace their cuevrs (basically everyone who is not a stick figure) help the self-love process. Its not easy though, and it does take effort to say, "No, I will fight these bad thoughts." Because in the end, no one can fit into my jeans the way I fit... and look or walk or talk like me. And that's what makes me different. So if i'm not skinny enough for others and I got too much curve here or there(as an actress I mean), then so be it. I'm the perfect me that I can be, and that's what matters. ;) Best, Li @LaLicenciada@HerDeepThoughts


I don't think your wrong that type of thing is VERY common among us women. I DONt Like it.I'm Real.I hate Fake thing, and I hate Insulting poelpe, by telling them they need to change something about their apperancees, I'll leave that to their Parents I'm Real ALL THE WAY Through, Real Hair, Real Teeth, REAL c-cup boobs (Implants are Dangerous) ((Do U Perfer real or not, in everything I mean)), real eyelashes (don't like fake) Real is better and Healthier!!


Great article! I am a paostr's wife now of a very young church. We are not even 5 years old. I grew up being an army brat and moved ALL the time. One good thing is that it taught me how to befriend someone and I'm glad to be able to pass on that experience to my ladies as we welcome new people into our church. This is such a good reminder though! Thanks for posting. =)

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