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April 06, 2010


Jody DeVere

Great article Holly some important points here.

Jody DeVere
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I totally agree. I hope companies, especially those whose target market includes women to try to look into these so they will know what to do with their messaging.

Katrina Hase

My husband and I were meeting with our accountant recently — one that I had found, one that I had insisted we hire to help manage MY business. When we sat down at his desk, he gave me a novelty calculator— to what? to play with?— and then began speaking to my husband.

This is why I seek out women-owned businesses to work with!

Holly Buchanan


I do a lot of work with the financial industry and your story is still all too common. I'm working to change that. Smart companies (and accountants)are learning they need to speak to both members of the couple.

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Yes, I agree with the concept and most of us do this common mistakes. Female have great potential for purchasing and according to one survey (over internet) female purchase more than gents.

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Women-led businesses have great potential, especially in times of financial instability.


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