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March 05, 2010


Sara Anderson

Pretty incredible changes there! I definitely like the new layout better, and it is more definitely more female friendly :) (I think the light background makes the written material easier to read as well.) Interesting to see the comparison of the soft pastels of MSN and Truvia's websites to the masculine colors of the Sony website. Great post and insight Holly.

Mary Dean/ KickSkirt

It is so much better designed, although I'm still wanting the edges of their grid pattern rounded off. I always tell clients: 1) When in doubt, leave it out. 2) Go sans serif on type 3) Never use black type -- opt for Charcoal or Iron instead as it's still readable but more soothing 3) Round and soft beats sharp and square to a woman's eyes
Holly I am trying to remember the one design book I've seen that actually studied how women react to design. It was only in print briefly and I wanted to hunt it down. You wouldn't happen to know would you? (And by the way, how are you???) Thanks in advance if you know the name of the book. It wasn't about web design, but so many of the findings would apply
Oh, and I LOVE the looks of the Truvia site. Thanks for this post


Love this post, the timing couldn't have been any better! We're currently tweaking our website -- improving the content and maybe changing the design later on. We're a soon to be launched eco-clothing company targeting women and I'm really glad I stumbled upon your site -- your discussion about what women really want when it comes to web design is really helpful. Will definitely keep your tips and sample sites in mind when we do get to the redesign part. :)

Holly Buchanan

Sara - Yes - from what I'm hearing women are really digging the new site. Glad you like it as well.

Mary, thanks for adding your insight. Dead-on. The book you refer to is Gender, Design and Marketing by Gloria Moss - you can read about it here - http://marketingtowomenonline.typepad.com/blog/2009/06/new-book-focuses-on-gender-design-and-marketing.html

Zee - good luck with your new eco-clothing company!

Anandha Kumar

hey holly! its a pretty interesting stuff that you have out there! i am an indian graphic designer myself, and am currently doing my thesis on graphic design for women, so during my 'google search', i came across your webpage! i must say, pretty brilliant! i love the way that you have made navigation so easy! really nice! a big thank you! :)


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Minnetonka fence

Well don't know whats going on but its not a Good way to do this. in my opinion we have to look again about this issue

comment system

The new design is much more friendly and inviting, and I'm a man. I think an open design is much better and natural to the eye, and it can be suitable for man. Thanks for the interesting post.

Adam Dukes

I have been considering making some changes to my site to make it more marketable to both women and men, but I will take these tips into consideration. Thank you!

web development

sometimes a website's color adds appeal. a friend asked me before to pick w/c color combinations would be best for his site. i chose the dark colors, im a lady, probably because i found it suitable for what the website is which is all about cars.

and i guess i made the right choice because it's still the color of his site up to this day.

Wordpress Development

pretty and nice design..unlike before. the new design is more female friendly :) love it! :)

Cash gifting leads

Maybe its because women like buying things the design is becoming more female friendly. Also more women sit on the internet, the most number of bloggers in the world are mothers so maybe now its the web designers or developers who are women.

website designer

These are all excellent posts. thanks for the links. You seem to be reading day and night looking for good stuff to post.
I feel your blog really useful and inspiring me. Thank you.

wordpress theme design

Very interesting article. When I first looked at the new design I didn't really understand why would you say it's more "female friendly", but after reading post I can totally see it.
But I have to say the Truvia site is female-friendly on an all new level! :)

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Almost 2 years on and it seems nowadays there's less focus on design and more on social integration. Thoughts?

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