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January 21, 2010


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it's unfortunate that there are not many reputable companies using facebook advertising, the majority of adverts seem to belong to weird, scammy companies!

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Advertising for your company through Facebook can indeed be quite effective. In fact I think any social community site can prove to be an effective medium for promoting any product or service.

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Like one of the above commenter i too feel that there's a serious lack of reputable companies using Facebook.Thanks for the details.It was interesting to read about the trend when it comes to moms on Facebook.Look forward to more such posts..thanks again.

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At some time or another I have said similar things about Domino's. The fact that they acknowledge their shortcomings and work to improve them gives me a reason to try them again. I think it's a smart strategy and it sends a message that they are willing to listen and adapt to my wants.

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Its very interesting to know about that survey for mothers.You have given good points for marketers and I completely agree with your points as Facebook is popular now..Thank you very much for such nice post.

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Well I think this is a nice way on knowing what are moms point of view. Using facebook for this is great, more people uses them, definitely, you'll get more feddback on it.

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Awesome blog!!! Means what just as I entered the blog I thought there would be something new to know, but now I know what new and how I can increase my business with your useful information. Thanks

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Interesting article!!! something I think that facebook has no privacy. I also was facing this problem. But I am glad to be a part of your article.

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It also asked for direct feedback on how marketers should connect with them through the site.


Its a great news, ain't it?

Glenn Evans

Interesting. I can see why discounts and coupons would be enticing to moms, and it's a very good observation on your part to notice that moms don't fancy being bombarded by too much advertising.

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If someone asks “Do i look that stupid”. Then it’s better not to answer.:)

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