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January 07, 2010


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Hey thanks for the post,especially the link provided by you over here.Liked reading the article on Brands For Women Run By Men.One needs to understand the pulse of a woman's wants and desires.Look forward to more such interesting posts from you in this year.Happy New Year!

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I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

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No.. men can't possible run brands for women because we women are different from man. Except those some guys who have much female blood than they should.

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I have just read that article 'Brands for women run by Men' which you have given and its is really very interesting to read it.I also agree with that question.Thank you for sharing this.

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Interesting is this post questioning the practical thing. I think ofcourse men can create and run the brands but one thing that matters is in which way men are going to sell out the women aimed products. If they are selling in a way women feel losing dignity or something insulting then they can’t run the brand successfully.

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Mrs. Q -if there's anyone who can benefit from being completely themselves, it is you. Thanks so much for attending my sessions at AGLA - you folks rock.

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