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December 05, 2009


e-commerce solutions

great post.Thanks a lot.Look forward to more such ones.


Excelleent article!Thanks for sharing.


Thank for mentioning the web analyzer tool. I know how important it can be to load a page quickly. A lot of users have little patience. Thanks for the tip!

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Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

Strategic SEO

I think all SEO should be based on a clearly defined strategy. I just think your Top 5 are confusing and "scary" when they don't really need to be. Here are the 3 strategic steps I usually recommend:

First, do some keyword research (as painful as it may sound) to determine where you are going to "compete." Hint - go after the easy stuff first.

Second, set up an optimized blog and begin putting in quality, keyword optimized content.

Third, start building backlinks through strategic methods.

If you do these three steps correctly, you'll be well on your way to good Search Engine rankings and the wonderful, free traffic that it can bring!


In my line of work, I always get tons of this kind of tips but I always keep them for future reference.

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I can really use this tips on my work at home. It is something that I have never done before in any kind of work that I do.

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great tips!! I am working with a SEO company right now,www.itchair.com, and they have already helped my website so much. It has moved up in google ranks significantly and I am noticing the increase in business!! SEO is definitely important!!

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Great post, one tip that my friend gave me regarding seo was to target a specific area. for example, if you are a flower shop in Denver, CO, you should have the Denver location mentioned at least a few times in your website.

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Great post! Those tips that you shared were really great. Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting piece on seo which is definitely worth sharing.

Chuck Ferraro

Great Article! SEO can be frustrating at best. You have just made things a little easier for me! Thank You!


Thanks for these SEO tips! On point three - internal linking - when making links across pages it's a good idea to make the link in the context of a few sentences, rather than as a list of links (or one isolated link) at the end of the page. This is because Google values contextual linking.

Holly Buchanan

Robflick - great info - thanks for sharing!


Good points on optimizing your site for multiple browsers and site speed. I don't see too many "seo basics" type blog posts that mention those two things.

Matthew Leanna

SEO is widely considered as the new breed of marketing and IT combined. Yes, getting the right keyword is one of the keys to achieving effective SEO. With the right keyword, all else will follow.

Rob Swift

You really have to optimize your site well to have it show up in search results. That and creating backlinks, etc. Do some research in html and tags too because even though it doesn't look different to your surfers, the Googlebots will catch on to your keywords and phrases.

Masako Gun

SEO, when effectively utilized, can definitely sell a business. But on the contrary, when used poorly, it can lead a business to undue downfall. These tips will be highly appreciated by SEO newbies. Great post! =)


Each year I feel like SEO becomes something else :)
Btw alt on images can help, and don't forget good written meta data ;) thx 4 post

Kevin Beamer

SEO is proven to be an effective way to market a business, whether big or small. True, utilizing the right keywords is key to dominating the SERPs. Also, providing fresh and high quality content will help achieve SEO goals.

Petter Joe

Hello, this is a pretty nice article currently! I do enjoy a well updated article.

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Hey, it looks like you have a pretty fine website just now! I really love a damn well updated site.


Actually this is not necessary for Indian SEO but this is for all SEO cpmnaoy. Try some SEO Website Analysis taken from my source below. This would be a great help.GoodLuck!


HiYou can do this manually,Google likes upetadd content,so you can easily do that in your blogs.Title,description,tags,anchor text,images etc also play an important role in getting your site/blog indexed.All you need is to hire an SEO expert who can help you optimize these things in much effective and yet affordable manner.


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