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August 05, 2009


Quality Web Design

I also feel that bloggers do influence purchase.Well i did not know and still don't believe that there a gender thing working here.Thanks for the post.Gave me deeper knowledge on the subject.


Model:? 6-VWCOM]

Weight:? <>.5Kg]

Main features:

1. Produced by a long-term cooperative manufacturer, fully guaranteed top quality

2. Navigation operating-system: Win CE 6. 0

3. 7 inch TFT sharp high-definition digital LCD screen, 800*480 resolutions.

4. Supports iPod full function get a grip on (Tested on ipod itouch 8GB)

5. Perfectly match your vehicle: Golf Passat B6 2009? Jetta 2007(New sharp) Sagitar, Magotan, Caddy Life, Touran. and so on.

6. Button LIGHT EMITTING DIODE light color: Blue| Green| Red | None

7. 6 virtual discs changer

8. Controls get a grip on, USB port, Two MicroSD card slots

9. Dual zone: Enjoy music while navigation

10. Integral bluetooth. You may make hands-free calls or pay attention to music through bluetooth

11. Integral DVB-T digital TELEVISION function are optional (You need to pay extra 58USD)

12. Supports RDS

13. Auto rearview function, you can include a rearview camera.

Lastest car GPS console. You are able to put up the road of GPS map by yourselves, view the GPS monitor, watch video, pay attention to music, and read e-book.?

Support all maps that focus on windows CE 5. 0 O/S, we now have tested Route 66, iGo8, Polnav, and so on. We recommend you always try demo before buying.

Adapting 16: 9 HD digital LCD display

completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 along with other A/V multimedia formats

Complete get a grip on over your DVD discs.

Floating get a grip on buttions when touching the screen

Enter the SD/USB interface, you can observe each file of U-disk/SD card.

When touching, the floating buttons can look, the operation is comparable with DVD player. Double tap to play the music/video or view images.

Note: Facts view only function to units with two Facts slots.

For more infomation, please visit web site: car navigation.

From: Vw Golf Navigation- Digital Hd Touchscreen- Dvd Player- Bluetooth


Individuals who like to just take images utilizing their 35mm cameras will certainly be pleased to learn about this most advanced technology. And people who wish to begin a photo printing business can make the most of this aswell. This new technology is known as the digital slide scanner. It has got the capacity for scanning 35 mm film negatives and mounted or unmounted slides for storing your pictures as digital files.

The program could be installed easily being truly a plug and play type. The scanner could be attached to your computer via a USB port letting you save your valuable pictures in your hard disk. Once it's connected, the hardware install dialog appears in your screen. Then put the CD in your CD drive, look for the driver and do the installation.

Yet another method to make use of this slide scanner would be to record your pictures straight onto your memory or memory stick if you do not have some type of computer. It's just small device and incredibly easy to use particularly knowing how exactly to follow guidelines correctly.

The slide scanner is extremely simple to use due to the drag and drop features. Scanning each slide takes just a few seconds. The very best element of this new computer software is that the photo you will get is a lot more than 5 mega pixels with an answer of 3, 600 dpi interpolation. This means the image the scanner can produce can equal as well as surpass the greatest quality attained by modern digital camera models.

Various brands of the 35 mm slide scanner are actually in the marketplace. They are available in different sizes and designs. If you wish to have quality pictures, the very best brands to select are Epson, Canon, H . p . and Nikon.

Canon has its FS4000US that accompany a Filmget computer software. The program can correct color, curves, brightness, rotation and histograms. Controls you should use include color depth, scanning resolution, media type, cropping, dust removal level, focus and exposure.

Epson has its Perfection V300, V500, V700, V750-M PRO or 4490 photo and film flatbed scanner. The V700 is for the top end consumer market as the V750 is intended for professional users. Epson's film scanners guarantee top quality pictures.

Nikon offers a few models aswell like the LS-9000 and CoolScan V ED film scanner. Experts suggest utilizing the CoolScan IV ED, that is the newer technology, for very first time users. The CoolScan 200 is really a cheaper choice and is ok for storing pictures on the web although not recommended for desktop publishing.

H . p . has its PhotoSmart Scanner and PhotoSmart S20. By using this requires just choosing three media types through its front panel push button. This brand, however, supports the Windows operating-system only.

With the slide scanner, you are able to still have your old photos restored if you have the negatives. You do not have to be worried about scratches, finger marks or dust since the computer software will repair it up for you personally. Quite simply, having a film scanner enables you to have a say in your end product. Now, you are able to gift all your family members by having an old photo that they'll cherish forever.

From: Slide Scanner Reviews

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Ich würde gerne so etwas, wenn ich hatte für meine beiden Kinder haben - was für ein besonderer Moment, er ist gefangen, die Sie beide Schatz für immer). Tolle Neuigkeiten - Hooray!

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