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June 30, 2009


Busy Mom

"Authentic" doesn't have to equal shocking or rude. It seems like there's nothing in between the wild attention seeking behavior and completely fake or greedy mom bloggers anymore.


I applaud your even-handedness in supporting the choices mom bloggers may choose to make, but also your support of women owning their stories, and in particular, their voices. I will always believe that truth telling can be a radical act.

David Schoenberger

What's so attractive about mom bloggers is the raw, untamed power; what's so scary (for advertisers) is that raw, untamed power is well, raw and untamed. When placing a print buy, an advertiser knows exactly what they will get; when placing their product with a mom blogger, there are many, many unknowns. Authenticity is scary precisely because it cannot be controlled. As time goes by, more advertisers will become increasingly comfortable with the unknown. Great post, Holly!

Holly Buchanan

EarnestGirl - yes indeed telling the truth can be a radical act. Can I quote you on that?

David- I hear you. This is scary territory. My feeling is - moms are already having these conversations about you (brands) - you can either ignore the conversations, or join in. What I've seen is that most moms WANT brands to join in the conversation.

There's a seat at the table for brands. You're not necessarily sure who's going to show up and what direction the conversation is going to take, but I believe it's better to be in that seat and participating rather than having that seat sit empty.


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