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May 14, 2009


Ron Patiro - INFP

I'm sure they got good results with the humanistics on their list. An email like this could be used as part of a strategy to segment an email list by psychographics.

Holly Buchanan

Great point Ron. The majority of their customers are probably women, so my guess is also that the Humanistic approach will work well for them.

I also wonder if a Methodical approach would work since Lindi Skin's products are designed for cancer patients. Customers are concerned about product ingredients and looking for education/information about skin care during chemotherapy.

Would be an interesting test.


This is an interesting concept. Lindi Skin's website is powerful! I wondered if part of why this email campaign works for them is that their customers need to feel they can trust them on a level that a person might not need for say, a pair of shoes. Also it seems like their site does give a thorough description of the product so the email will send customers to a very thorough, empathetic, and intelligent destination in their website.

Can you share suggestions for how someone who sells a different sort of product can avoid seeming like they're just selling using this technique or am I over thinking it?


Holly Buchanan


The point of the product review is to sell the product. The good news is, product reviews tend to avoid the "overhyped" verbiage some product descriptions and promotions include.

Women love to know what experience other people like them have had, so the product review is a great way to get that information.

The other great thing about reviews is that they answer questions the product descriptions don't answer.

I think no matter what you sell, having product reviews can only be helpful to your customers.

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Does anyone know of any website that offers consumer reviews for products on the market? Particularly diet pills, but even drugstore products or medication in general? I usually go to Amazon but I was wondering if there is anything else that is more commonly used with more information. Hoping for actual real people with input or and not somehow linked to a manufacturer or someone who has something to gain from it, which is all I seem to be able to find.


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