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May 01, 2009


Roger Conant

Isn't it about time we retired the term "Marketing To Women"? Check out this review by Jean Grow on Amazon for Jordan's book. It makes sense! http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A13WPYX7VOWR11/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp


You're partly right about the product reviews. Last year Oysters&Chocolate magazine published a review of my first recording. The month after that review my sales were nearly double the previous month.

But asking customers what appeals to them doesn't always result in an increase of sales. In Dec, I decided to update the cover art for my recordings. I posted several mock-ups on my site and asked customers which appealed to them more.

I changed the art to match what they said, but my sales remained exactly the same as the previous year.

Holly Buchanan

Roger - I agree with you and Jean. What we're talking about is understanding your audience and their decision making processes. People assume "marketing to women" means you alienate men. Yet research shows, in many cases, when you create a better experience for women, you increase sales with men as well. (As Julie Gilbert of Best Buy pointed out with her female designed store - sales went up with men and well as women)

But it seems our space, like it or not, is still seen under the label of "marketing to women."

Holly Buchanan


In the book How We Decide, they discuss research that shows when people are asked to choose a piece of artwork, and to explain that prference, they actually choose artwork they didn't actually like the best.

Kind of crazy.

I see the same thing happen in focus groups- folks say they want one thing, but then their behavior later shows they want something else.

I say pick a cover that you feel best represents your work/art/music/brand.

SEO Melbourne

nice post here.

and no we cant retire 'marketing to women' as there are still different strategies involved ....

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