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April 08, 2009



I started blogging because the company I left (to become a SAHM) asked me to write a corporate/mom blog to support their birth announcement market. So once a week I write about our products, and otherwise it's a normal mommy blog. I didn't really follow any blogs before I got this job, but now follow about 100 of them with a variety of themes- humor/marriage & family/faith/moms of boys/moms of kids my son's age/local moms/friends.

I love the reassurance that others are struggling and thriving in the same ways that I am. Sometimes I need to know that others have it much worse than me, sometimes I need to be brought down to earth (my son actually isn't the cutest & smartest in the world), and sometimes I just need a good laugh! I learn so much from this community- it does take a village to raise a child, and how fortunate I am to have such a large, accessible village.

Some of my best moments were the first time I got a comment from someone not at my company and not a family member :) and being asked to write a guest post on someone else's blog. I think another big plus is the chance to be creative and use my mind in a different way than I do with my toddler son.

Sonja Sackett

Why did you start your blog? Just a good way to share what's going on at our house with family an freinds. Also it acts as a virtual scrapbook of us. I no longer have the time to do the paper kind.

Why do you continue to write it? I enjoy documenting what I make and our family life

What blogs to you love to read and why?
I read mainly crafty mom blogs. Because I am a crafty mom and it's nice to see what other woman with similar interests are up to.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog? Blogging takes time. But the biggest change is that I photograph the basics of our life more not just the big stuff.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel? Connected to like minded folks.

What was your best moment as a blogger?
Finally starting the blog after thinking about it for more than a year. It felt good to do it.

What was your worst moment as a blogger? Have yet to have one :)


Why did you start your blog?
~I started my blog because my husband and I had recently moved to Washington State and I was pregnant and wanted a quick and simple way to share stories and photos with everyone all at once.

Why do you continue to write it?
~Even though we are now in North Carolina and much closer to family and friends I find this to still be a really easy way to share information quickly. Plus I have made friends with a lot of great people through blogs and this is how we stayed connected. Not to mention the hour or so a day I spend looking at other blogs and updating my own is time just for me.

What blogs to you love to read and why?
~I love to read other family and friends blogs to keep up on their lives. I also read blogs like dooce.com and Big Mama because they are funny. Thrifty Decor Chick and Color Me Katie are good creative blogs that give me lots of inspiration.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog?
~I have met a lot of interesting people. I have picked up all kinds of creative ideas that have transfered over into my home and life.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?
~Good. I am able to laugh with these people, cry with these people, pray with these people. I am connected with people all over the world. Nothing wrong with that.

What was your best moment as a blogger?
~There are a few. Like I said we were on the other side of the country when my daughter was born. It was awesome that within a few hours there were photos and all kinds of things up for everyone to see. It was also really great when we visited the Roloff Farm (from Little People Big World) and Matt's mom actually found my blog and left a comment.

What was your worst moment as a blogger?
~Honestly, I think it was when I sat down to blog one day and realized I was missing out on precious time playing with my daughter and relaxing with my husband. After that I made a decision and a very serious effort to only be on the computer for about an hour a day and to do so only after the baby has gone down for a nap and my husband is at work.


Why did you start your blog?

I had blogged previously and half-heartedly about my travels, adventures in dating, and cause/green marketing, but now, after leaving my corporate marketing job, moving across the country, getting married and pregnant, i was in need of an expressive outlet and i was in need of connecting to other moms (and moms-to-be).

Why do you continue to write it?

I've gotten such good feedback from both new and long lost friends.

What blogs to you love to read and why?

Too many to mention here! I read mom blogs. I read design blogs. I read green blogs, marketing blogs and fashion blogs and simple living blogs.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog?

Ha, how hasn't it? Moved, married, pregnant ... but the blog has definitely helped me to find my voice and to help redefine goals (personal and professional) for myself in the face of all this change!

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?

Connected, part of a larger community, a sisterhood.

What was your best moment as a blogger?

I like being able help people, whether by making them laugh, turning them on to a greener product or great resource. Getting positive feedback feels really good.

What was your worst moment as a blogger?

I haven't had any truly terrible moments, but writing heartfelt posts to get only crickets as a response is never my favorite.

Holly Buchanan

Just wanted to send a big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone responding here and through email.

Your responses are FABULOUS. I expected nothing less.

Keep them coming.


Lori O

Why did you start your blog?
Mine started as a pregnancy journal of sorts and I just wanted to record all the crazy thoughts/emotions of that time, especially to show my daughter someday.

Why do you continue to write it?
The crazy emotions never stopped after pregnancy! I want to remember life as it's happening, and again to show my daughter someday. It's also a great place to vent, though I can't be as honest as I'd like to be sometimes so I don't offend certain readers.

What blogs to you love to read and why?
My friends' blogs to keep up with them, professional photography blogs (it's a hobby and I love art!), some of the famous mommy bloggers, like www.dooce.com and www.sundrymourning.com - b/c they say things I could never put into words and they are hilarious.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog? It's busier b/c it's one more "task" but I enjoy it. It's allowed me to tap into my creative side a little more (writing/design), and it's helped other people stay in touch with me that otherwise might not have.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?
Not so alone or crazy! So many women go through the same challenges every day, it's great to share that. Keeps me sane.

What was your best moment as a blogger?
Receiving all the support through comments when my daughter was in the hospital. It kept my spirits high to read the support from friends, family, and strangers that left comments on the blog during that time.

What was your worst moment as a blogger? I really can't think of one. I hate getting behind and not posting for awhile. It stresses me out!

Courtney Heath

Why did you start your blog?
I'm a part time working mom who's not fulfilled by her job. I needed an outlet to stretch my brain, share ideas, and engage in conversation and my blog was born.

Why do you continue to write it?
Partly a sense of commitment to those people who have chosen to read my blog and partly a continued love for sharing my ideas and meeting the people I have via the blog.

What blogs to you love to read and why?
Other crafting, homemaking, mom blogs. I like to hear how others balance work and family, how they shape their home, what new crafts they are creating, etc.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog?
It's exposed me to a whole new world of people whom I would not have ordinarily met, given me something else on which I can focus, inspired my creativity, etc.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?

What was your best moment as a blogger?
When I discovered that people I didn't know were reading my blog. It was amazing to me that others would take interest in my story.

What was your worst moment as a blogger?
Haven't had one yet.


Why did I start?
I'm a Christian mom and I want to tell the world about Jesus but I'm so shy! So blogging for me is a great way to share all the things I would love to but can't!

I continue because everyday another person reads my blog and I pray someone out there needed some comfort and found it.

Oh all the mom blogs I just love. I feel a kindred spirit to any woman who deals with the same kind of stress I do. Poop, messy floors, sticky hands, snot, snuggle time, giggles, wow, being a mom is a world all on it's own!!

How has my life changed? I spend way to much time on my laptop ha ha!! I feel like I am able to say hi to people all over the world now and it's a great feeling! I'm a social person and since being a mom I have felt a bit isolated. Now I don't.

I feel connected whenever I read or write a mom blog. It feels great! To be connected with other adult wemon is wonderful!

My best moment as a blogger was when I got my first follower! ;)

I don't have a worst.


Hi fellow mommy,

I'm also a mother of a 14-month old baby and I blog regularly about baby care tips and my experiences raising him. I like to network with other moms out there.

The link address is Raising Daniel.

Thank you.



Why I first started writing because a good friend of mine started her own and always thought we both should do it. I minored in English in college and thought it would be a good way to keep my writing in shape. When my friend started posting turned into a little bit of a competition.

I keep on writing because I love it! I love putting my ideas and finds out there even if it doesn't get read by a huge number of people. I also love the dynamic community of bloggers and if I didn't write I couldn't call myself one.

A bunch. Mommy blogs (Dooce) Lifestyle (Pioneer Woman) decorating (decor8) Anything that inspires and teaches me something.

Since I started blogging, I feel more in touch with my artistic side.

Mommy blogs make me feel connected and like I'm doing something important. Plus its kind of like my love letter to my daughter.

Best moment: Feedback...always.

Worst moment: anonymous, hateful comments...seriously, we don't need that!

Nancy Dailey

Holly, I blog for selfish reasons: I like to write, blogging forces me to capture my ideas into a succinct narrative and I want to be relevant to my kids. If you're not using social media to reach young people, you probably won't reach them. I'm also hoping that my experience, ideas and knowledge as an economic sociologist will help other moms instruct their kids about money, finances and economics.

My best moment is when my college kids text or email me to say they like my blog article and have shared it on Facebook with their friends.
My worst moment is when I look at Google Analytics and see the arrow pointing downward showing fewer readers.

Thanks for asking!
Dr Nancy: what I tell my kids about money, www.womensmoney.com.


Why did you start your blog?

I had just finished an incredibly hard year. Family illness and postpartum depression had been rough. And I felt like I needed an outlet. Someplace to share funny stories,and relate to other moms.

Why do you continue to write it?

Some days I don't want to. But I would totally miss the community that I get from it. That's why I keep doing it for sure. I've also started an online business and get people that come over from the blog as customers.

What blogs to you love to read and why?

The Bloggess, Woman On The Verge, Craftastrophe, Wee Wonderfuls - any blog that has a wry look at life, or has to do with crafting.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog?

I lost 40lbs, figured out I had ADD - and got the help I needed for it. I also started a business based on the encouragement of my blog reader friends.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?

Depends on the blog. Sometimes I'm exasperated. Other times I love that this mom is sharing a bit of her life with all of us. I wish I knew her in real life!

What was your best moment as a blogger?

I was excited to meet everyone for the first time at Blogher. It was just really cool, and I've made some great friends that I keep in touch with offline.

What was your worst moment as a blogger?

I don't know? I've written posts that I've regretted. I think it was likely a mom moment that made me feel ashamed. And I shared it online.


Why did you start your blog?

_I was pregnant and had to stop working earlier than I thought. I wanted to create something that was mine. I loved writing and I wanted to learn more about blogging tools for my work (interaction designer). Although it would be obvious to blog about my work as a designer I decided to write about stuff I loved. At that moment it was cool stuff for moms to be. Later when my kids were born I wanted to find out if I could make money out of blogging and invested time in a blog about kid AND mom-friendly places in Amsterdam. I never made money, but I loved to write about my city and the undiscovered places you can go to with your kids and have a great time yourself at the same time.

Why do you continue to write it?

_I haven't written that much since I moved and got a new job a few months ago. But I still get a lot of positive reactions and tips from other moms in Amsterdam. This encourages me to pick up writing again.

What blogs to you love to read and why?

_For myself I like simplemom.net because it's got simple ideas, the right tone of voice and it's well written. I also read my husbands blog about our family. For work I read a lot of blogs on interaction design (a list apart, boxes and arrows, smashing magazine) and marketing to women.

How has your life changed since you started writing your blog?

_In some ways it made me better in the work I do. It also made me keep my eyes open for new stuff to write about in my city.

How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?

_It makes me feel good when I get comments and find out that I helped someone. Reading mom blogs sometimes make me feel connected because I recognize stuff about raising kids. Now that they are growing older I love to read about crafty stuff to do with kids.

What was your best moment as a blogger?

_When I had spend half a year writing and people in my work environment started to notice it. My blog became an entrance to new work. I found a job that is closely connected to my blog. Later someone pointed out to me that a blog is a marketing tool for yourself. I had never thought of it that way before.

What was your worst moment as a blogger?

_The frustration to get new widgets to work or spending hours to get the design pixel perfect while I could have written 10 posts during that same amount of time. To spend too much time blogging while my kids needed attention.

april~living the sweet life

Hi Holly,

~I started my blog to remind my self of the Sweet things I have in my life.

~I continue to write it because it is something I truly enjoy doing. If I didn't love it I would have quit a long time ago. It takes a lot of work. It is a great way for me as a single mom to work at home and create my own hours.

~I love to read other blogs that inspire me such as Oh Happy Day, The Farm Chicks, Tracy Porter & Design Mom.

~My blog has connected me with other women & business owners that I would have other wise never met.

~Writing a blog is always a work in progress. Since there are no established rules I am always learning and improving how things work.

~I have a lot of great moments as a blogger. It's so fun when you see someone in person and they tell you how much they love what you are doing.

~Really no worst moment. It is an uplifting job that I love.

April~ Living The Sweet Life

beco butterfly

We moms get medium to express our opinions and views and vent out our emotions through blogging.

Chanel Wallet

Just wanted to send a big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone responding here and through email.

Your responses are FABULOUS. I expected nothing less.

Keep them coming.



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Although I'm decades beoynd being a new mom, I just had to comment on this great idea. I think that would be such a wonderful way to share your baby's every milestone: the first smile, first step, etc. And it would be a convenient and easy way for relatives and friends to keep up. If I'm ever lucky enough to be a grandma, I'm suggesting this idea to my daughter!Eileen Williamsb4s last blog post..


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