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April 11, 2009


freelance writing jobs

If you are successfully reaching your customers with targeted, creative messages and receiving a good response rate, you may not need outside help. But if your marketing efforts are falling short of your goals, or you are looking for new ways to expand your efforts, you should consider hiring an email marketing firm.

marketing lists

Clients know the customer service folks by name. Emma provides real, live, responsive support for all their clients. They are extremely accessible. Rachael tributes their high customer retention rates to this focus on friendly, human customer support.

sales leads

Therefore, if I send out 100 emails in a day I will get an average of 200 back for a total of 300 emails processed in one day.

mailing list companies

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked, “How can I improve my open rate?” I’d probably be able to go on a shopping spree (okay, that’s wishful thinking). But it’s a question on all of our minds because we put valuable time and resources toward creating and sending email campaigns.

Web Data Extractor

Thanks for posting this! The one thing I would say about the "computers/technology are only a tool" argument is that it minimizes the (depending on your point of view) insidiousness or attractiveness of many digital technologies.


Thanks for such an informative article and the extensive explanation, it's been very useful.

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