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April 26, 2009


Aaron Alexandra Ngoh Kwong Meng

Great information on this social site.I join as member and I am a man.

DO you know any site for social network for men over 40s?


Nobody cares about Men, Aaron.

A woman over 40

Great to read that women over 40 are finally getting their own sites!

kiaran Finn

Hope I'm not intruding y'all LOL-nice site-just set up a bog site http://over40s-online.blogspot.com and this site makes me realise I've got a ways to go to offer as much to my visitors Thanks for the inspiration! Kiaran

Vintage Rings

Web today takes much of our free time, for good, of course.
No matter if we are children, teenagers or adults.
All social Networks are great - You can learn things, share things and get to know people and places.
Every social group has to find her corner "in the Internet" for serving the people who may join it, there will always be some suitable for them.

social networking site

Tagged has 30 million unique visitors per month. Members share images labeled, ideas, find new friends and create new ones. Twitter members can log in using their Twitter ID. Data on social networking sites listed here have been updated September 15, 2010. The Internet is forever changing the way businesses and consumers to do business. The next hottest trend in social networks for mobile enterprises go out. With new platforms such as Foursquare give rewards to customers visiting their store. Social networking sites allow businesses a place to find new customers and prospects without leaving the client feeling left out in the cold. Companies can maintain a connection with them for life.

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