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March 02, 2009



I think it is a fabulous strategy. As you say, emotional connection is really important and in this case, the brand is doing the right stuff.


Ying Cheng

A great example of connecting with customers! I liked your stories too.


E Leigh

Wow.. what a great blog!! It's exactly what us gals need in order to support each other and embrace our "softer side". I love your story about the "coffee" hehe. I'll be back to visit again soon. Cheers

Trevor Cross

I teach many of your methods to my clients. you have got a lot of good stuff on here

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it's just as well triomakesmehot isn't in London now as pennald; if she'd come to this with me her head might have exploded. Or at the very least she'd have been writing Historical slashfic in the interval.) You mean I missed that ... LIVE on stage? Bangs head against keyboard. And to think I was just beginning to feel less bad about our trip being delayed.Well, I'm not sure my head would have exploded, but I'm sure I'd have been fanning myself with the program! Historical slashfic, hmmm ... might have to give that some thought. I've only ever written HP slash since QAF, Hollyoaks and Torchwood are all kind enough to let me watch.The addiction was there before we met, you know, but I think you've sealed my fate now with all the delicious visuals you've sent over!

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