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February 23, 2009


Her Bad Mother

The bra was mine. So was the baby. Both got a lot of exposure this weekend. Both contributed to the fun.

And man, was there fun.

Account Deleted

One of my favorite moments was meeting YOU after your panel! :)


Great recap Holly! That was such a fun weekend. My head is spinning with ideas to implement. It was great seeing and learning from you again! Cute video, too!!


Jerri Ann

It really was that awesome wasn't it? I will never ceased to be amazed what a group of women can do.....so surely the PR folks of the world are starting to take notice of who the "spenders" in this nation really are...ya think?


I'm feeling completely revived! It was such a blast! So great to have met you.


Holly - Great post! I was a fabulous conference, wasn't it? Great to have met you!


I'm buzzing, completely buzzing with excitement left over from the weekend! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. A great time was had by all. Thank you!

Misty Khan

Holly, thoroughly enjoyed your panel and especially enlightening cupcake illustration (see http://arrow-tips.com/archives/391)! Have to agree with Karen Walrond that one of the best parts of the conference was getting to listen to amazing panelists like you and then sit across the table from them in a discussion group as we did in Gwen Bell's Monetization group. Thanks for the awesome recap - look forward to more later int he week!


Holly, Great recap. I was laughing all over again at some of those! So nice meeting you and I can't wait for the next one!

Suburban Turmoil

It was really a pleasure meeting you, Holly, and getting a chance to chat Thursday night. I thought your panel was absolutely incredible.

Barbara Jones

Hey Holly--Great recap and I'll happily bring the 'yum factor' whenever possible! What I also love that is that for the most part, all of these women are genuinely rooting for each other to learn, grow and succeed. So refreshing!

Barbara Jones

Oh, yeah, and that wasn't just any bra, it was a nursing bra!! And THEN, @herbadmother asked Nathan how he felt about nursing mothers...priceless!


Great recap - and thanks, for uhm, memorializing the paper-bag-on-head night. That's a hard pic of me to explain to co-workers! ;) But in all seriousness, what a great event - lots for this PR girl to take away! @mindyw

To Think Is To Create

So great to meet you, can't wait for the next chance to have some fabulous conversation (and see what kind of soft pet-able shirt you're wearing!).



it was great meeting you this weekend!



Excellent recap! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. I have to agree that it was such a supportive environment in which to grow! Thanks for immortalizing my "crowning" moment - haha!

Design Mom

There are so many great reports about Mom 2.0 Summit — but this is definitely one of my favorites. You nailed the spirit of the conference on the head. And that slideshow rocks!

Thank you for coming. And thank you for sharing your best with us.

Isabel Kallman

It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you at BlogHer with a paperbag on your head. We'll get a shot of you!

Isabel Kallman

Oh, and one of my most memorable moments was you and your cupcake. You were fabulous.

In fact, I think you have inspired me to write a meme on the Top 10 moments at Mom 2.0. Thanks!

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Holly, I loved meeting you to. GREAT recap and slideshow!


Fantastic recap - loved listening to you and your panel - seriously - best one of the weekend and that is saying ALOT!

april~living the sweet life

Thanks for your great comments at The Mom 2.0 Summit. It's always nice to listen to intelligent women share their insights.


It was great to meet you. What a great summary of the conference.


yes, and yes! mom 2.0 summit was so well worth it. moms are fun.n great recap.

Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

Fabulous top 10 list!!!

I think this was conference perfection. I completely agree about losing the powerpoint presentations. The sessions were conversations just as the organizers promised they would be.

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