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January 25, 2009



My website keeps quiet, but I am 100% with you on the 'Shut Up' button.

Perhaps a browser setting would be most useful. Something that I could default to 'mute' and then over-ride when I really want to be squawked at by concrete-cutting voice.



I can't tell you how fast I hightail it out of a website that starts talking at me. It's a total invasion of my space - not only a visual nuisance but an auditory one, too.

I vote yes for the "shut up" button!


I can't say how fast I hightail it out of a website that starts yakking at me. It's such an invasion of space -- not only an auditory nuisance but often a visual one, too.

I do a fair amount of social networking to market my business, so I associate the internet with a loss of privacy. But it's one thing to choose when, where and how to reveal personal info and another to have an uninvited voice suddenly blaring in my office!

I vote yes for the shut up button!

Adventurous Wench women's travel

I always set my audio to mute mode to avoid distractions from "noisy" websites. Fn+F3 is the little shut up button in my laptop. What's yours?

Hypnotic Dreams

This is not just a problem for women. I'm a man and I hate autoplayers.

When I'm online, I often have an internet radio station playing quietly in the background. If a web site automatically starts playing additional music or starts talking, it creates a very annoying conflict. (A few times, it actually locked up my previous computer)

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