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December 15, 2008


Sean D'Souza

I disagree.
I think listeners are better marketers.

And people who don't listen, fall fairly equally between men and women. Marketing is the ability to literally listen to the issues your client has, and then 'transcribe' (not translate) those issues into media. And then do so at repetitive intervals.

Any one can transcribe.
Any one can learn media (with some training). And anyone can do the interval-thingy.

I find it weird that fancy words are being used in the article to describe what's really a function of listening, transcribing and repeating.

Rinse. Repeat. :)


Holly Buchanan


Great point about "transcribing" - I am always milking customer communication to see what words they use, then repeat those words back verbatim.

Sharon Wilson

How interesting that it was written by men. I can see the thought process behind this because we assume women are better listeners than men. I don't agree. This is not a gender thing at all. Some of us are just better communicators and listeners than others, regardless of gender. With proper training, support and practice we all have the opportunity to be great marketers.

UK Internet Consultants Blog

Perfectly said....You speak the truth.

David Fanshaw

This is very true! we all can be great at marketig.Some of us have it in us from the start and others need guidance to learn and communicate to market anything they desire.

David Fanshaw


i am not paying 47$ for some kits man what i want to do is mikang money NOW not be bombarded with informationg that yall KNOW we dont want to readi mean seriously.. let us think deep americans today dont care about your proof or ur paypals.. we just need to WATCH learn execute what is up with these pay first shits anywayz?


in his interview sites are sipekpd because of clutter which also includes areas of type too close to each other and also images.The idea that SEO pleasing code should rule does not help, there is a optimisation between code and content that SE's like and read and what the human eye wants to see and read.Code can only do so much to get the attention of the SE but if a viewer/reader does not like the content then the code for SEO is a wasted exercise. The code golden grail has been brought about by Google and also those who hard sell SEO saying they will get you to the top of the tree.This is rubbish, unless you have millions to waste on per click performance.I have had a website at the top of the rankings for over a decae now which has been taken down three times becuase Geocity closed on the free hosting, another was not reliable enough and now with a more stable hosting organisation the website is in the top three with Google and Bling.Chris does not say anything about animation which would be interesting to hear.

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