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November 21, 2008


Adventurous Wench women tours

This strategy always works. We listen and absorb what is familiar to us.

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Well this something that everyone doing online marketing should take notice of.It's very important to understand what the customer exactly wants.Look forward to more such posts from you.

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spend a lot of time online doing this very thing,listening to how real women talk.


Android/Asher. I remember one of the first fesinimt theories I ever read was on equality-difference' feminism. Perhaps you should read up on this and it may assist you to understand that feminism does not necessarily assume that there are no gender differences. Indeed as a model, it celebrates rather than stereotyping these differences. The differences between the genders need not negate Equality. Therein lies the rub. So I can be promoted and wear a floral print dress all at once. In fact I do.


that you aren't allowed your own oioinpn? Where? I wholeheartedly disagree with everything in your oioinpn piece, but nowhere do I say you shouldn't be allowed to say it. As for doing some research to discover that you obviously have some intelligence, why should I? Why should anyone have to dig further to understand what someone is saying in an oioinpn piece? Don't you think your words, your published oioinpn, should speak for themselves?


I am a mid fifties latin cisirthan woman who met a wonderful Jewish man when I was married. If I would have had the guts I would have left my verbally abusive latin husband, but because I was raised in a culture where women are submissive to their husbands I stayed. I would love to meet another Jewish man to share my life with. I follow my cisirthan faith and I realize how important faith is in some cultures, such as mine, but I don't believe in allowing my faith to dictate who I should love. To all the Jewish mother's congratulations on raising some wonderful men.

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