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April 29, 2007



These are great tips. So many times copywriters are told not to clutter a page with copy, but I had the same reaction when I saw the homepage. You articulated the problem and solution very nicely!


Thanks for the great article. I've struggled with my homepage since the first day i launched my site. It's difficult to figure out how to get everything you need on this prime real estate! You're so right, while trying to maintain a "pretty" homepage, you really need to make sure you get all your important information on this page. In addition, you also need to keep in mind that you need important keywords on your site so that the search engines can find you.


Deborah Gardner --One Heart Bulgaria

This is great info to consider for my own website, http://oneheart-bg.org/ which I hopes passes the test. As far as the website “All Moms Go to Heaven” it looks like they have made changes to their home page and I hope this negative attention actually benefits them and gives them a lot of traffic. They have a wonderful cause of honoring mothers and reward nominated moms on a weekly basis. They also donate 10% of their proceeds to charities for women and children. Good for them! Check it out!:)


Hmm. Respectfully so, I don't think the #1 reason women use the web is to save time (nor to conduct product research). I also don't believe women use the web "simply to build communities" as previously suggested by Pew Internet research studies.

The insight goes much deeper...

Many women use the web to gain informal confirmation or validation of an idea or purchase before they make it.

It's more than community building, it's more than in-depth product facts and research, it's more than listening to their needs, it's more than 24/7 customer service and access....

The best women-targeted websites don't persuade, they AFFIRM.


Holly Buchanan


"The best women-targeted websites don't persuade, they AFFIRM."

I love that!


Capitola Girl - Capitola Girl Jewelry

Great information! I shop online a lot, and if the experience becomes time consuming or difficult, I end up moving on. There are a lot of online shops with compelling home pages, easy sign up processes, and quick/informative shopping cart designs. Unless I see something I really love, navigating through a poorly designed web site is about as much fun as browsing through a wet magazine. I just won't do it. This is great information and advice for designing my future online shop.

Lilly Holmers

Thanks for the post. I am currently thinking of marketing strategies for a website that promotes nationwide network models. It is basically a website where new, fresh, talent can promote themselves in order to get exposure. I would appreciate any ideas at all as I'm pretty new to this.

Thanks a million,


florida rentals

Just wanted to take time to thank you for this nice site. I found it by accident but I will return for sure. Lots of helpful information that I found very interesting. Thanks again.

Bob from Home Business for Moms

Thanks for the tips! Maybe the fact that I don't know HOW to put a bunch of flashy stuff on my site is actually helpful. My site is mostly content out of technical ineptness!


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I have also found the challenge of marketing online to women to be more difficult than expected. AdWords and search engine optimisation are helping, but converting visitors into sales seems more challenging. I love my site and spend a long time on digital merchandising and descriptions, as well as having great prices and postage options, but perhaps I am not communicating this well enough when people first enter the site.
I will certainly look at taking on board some of the advice given here - it is good to read possible solutions and to share.
Thanks for the forum!!



I think the site still needs some work to optimize. For example, where is the opt-in box to collect names and emails for the newsletter? It needs to be obvious and above the fold in the right hand corner. Building a list should be a top priority - so you can continue to build a relationship and market to your list! No offense, but it's unlikely I would opt-in here. I don't want to have to click around. Show me an opt-in and make it clear what you are giving me free in return for my email address.

Ditto with "nominate your favorite mom" - make that a visible form for nomination on the right hand side.
The idea is to make it very easy for people to do what it is you want them to do.

academy age brain

Its not actually my practice to post comments, but my homie thought my homie would say that this was really tight.
i cant wait for your next posts.

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It's more than community building, it's more than in-depth product facts and research, it's more than listening to their needs, it's more than 24/7 customer service and access....


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Hi Jen! Definately not a doctor here, but it's stnarge that he doesn't want to be held. I would guess colic. Ask your doctor about it. Or it could be that he's just fighting his sleep, as babies always do. I had always heard to let them cry for a bit (5 mins or so), soothe him, and check on him waiting a little bit longer each time until he finally goes to sleep. How long has this been going on? Definately talk to your doctor if any of his behavior is out of the norm for over a week. Let us know how he's doing and good luck!


Great blog, love it! I actually hnpaeped upon it when I googled curry brownies ?? I thought that I had come up with this great idea of a food creation, only to find you associated with that tag. Alas. Oh well, I really enjoyed your site.

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