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February 15, 2007


Mary Schmidt

Or, some combination of the two - depending on the person. For example I once had a young go-getter alpha male working for me. And, I gave him plenty of room since he would move heaven and earth to produce results. But, when he got into trouble (and of course he did), I'd pull him aside and say, "Now, Bob - You know I love you. But if you do that again, I'll have to beat you bloody."

It must have worked - 'cuz he did great work and never threatened to kill me (and was still calling me for advice after I left the company.)


My daughter takes gender studies at the local university. Even though I’m in my 50's and I’m white - I can work with women, people with alternative gender identities, and all the colors that folks come in. You are describing an ASSHOLE. People like that have to be avoided and ultimately screw up very badly. Look at what happened to Conrad Black this week - he went to jail.
Anyways, what works for all kinds of working styles and egos is a great project management backbone. Use online software to keep everybody honest and on track. Also, robust enough to keep track of all the details and communicate them. There are a few of those out there that really stand out. We use and swear by Vertabase (http://www.vertabase.com). Try it and you will be better able to handle the blow hards by burying in details - which they will inevitably screw up.


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My daughter takes gender studies at the local university.

Williams Sonoma

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