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October 30, 2006


Lisa R

I think the Edelman Wal-Mart issue really brings disclosure up to the fore front. Ironic when you think about it. Edelman was involved with one of Dove's real beauty campaigns and really got it with giving them something to talk about but completely failed with the transparency with the RV Wal-Mart blog.

Kelly King Anderson

Excellent and informative post Holly, good thing I'm not offering to pay my Fairy Godmothers/guest bloggers, eh? :) The thing about blogging for other sites is that it does raise your visibility, so that is great PR. A lot of people enjoy writing for Start Up Princess.com because they want to inform others and share ideas, etc. which eventually blesses them if they do a good job.



I'm not sure about this about this women issue, but i know that there is one way to help, that is self therapy .. for example one good one is



As much I hate these gurus I also believe that sorhmeewe the newbie is also to be blamed. I mean their greed actually. If they could just be a little bit more careful and just remember that if somebody really stumbled upon some *secret* way to make money online which even a dumb person can follow easily, why would they share it with all the world.

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