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October 06, 2006


Michele Miller

Boy... wish I could be there. I'd much rather have my conversion rate guessed than my weight! LOL

Going to be a great event... hope you connect with lots of readers.


Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!


I'm a funny guy. I'm glad you mentioned the Economist. I've cnstisoently been impressed with the articles that I've come across from them and I'm glad to hear they are profiting from it too.As to the clarity of your article, you got through to me just fine. I suspect you went back and forward on this but the only complaint I really have was the picture in the middle of the article. The picture breaks up the article and my brain intuitively disregarded it as advertising. Of course my male hind-brain then went oh look, boobies' and I realized it was advertising but advertising that was making a point.


that if this post offends you in aanywy then you are probably a weavist and from your desperate and adamant defense of weave it would appear you are guilty as charged.NO weave doesn't help your hair thrive it actually damages your hair, covering your hair when it's cold with a scarf (yup hijabs work) or du rag and creaming it regularly helps your hair thrive as well as braiding and trimming, you will note black boys tend to grow long hair much easier than girls do and we rarely relax or wear extensions.weave is just fashionable self hate and I'd take a women with short hair over a woman who wears fake hair anyday you guys have no idea how white asian and arab women as well as africans who grow long hair laugh at you guys you're making yourselves a laughing stock by wearing that stuff, and it's so expensive if you spent that much money on your actual hair it would grow (some girls have no food in the fridge but rock a3400 worth of hindu hair)as for your point about there being less black men . well if there are still enough for women from other races then clearly it's not the number that is the problem is it? it's YOU the women .. maybe instead of complaining you should date outside the race too and hang up prejudices women outnumber men in all races not just black people the whole thing about prison is a silly stereotypical excuseps most guys cme out of prison eventually .

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