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October 03, 2006



Cause marketing for Breast Cancer sounds great. Terrific visual impact for Campbell's. But you're right -- $.035 is just not much money. Face it, the company is doing this simply to get attention to its brand. Otherwise, it could much more easily donate the $250,000 from the corporate contributions budget and put out a press release about its good deed. Either way, I'm sure Campbell's gets the tax deduction.

Julie Miller

Bravo! Another incredible observation! I agree completely that the effort is good, the fit is perfecto but the amount of the doanation is not nearly enough!


I did just buy these, and simply, I'm buying them anyway, so why not GO PINK?... I bring them to work, and if nothing else that Pink Can really does help promote awareness. And just so the facts are straight, they only cost about 60 cents a can, nowhere near a $1.89. So the donation would come to about 5% per can, which is actually better than most. Regardless of their intentions, I'd rather know that something, rather than nothing, went to support the cause. So I guess I'm their target customer :)

Adan Perez

From the marketing point of view it is a great marketing strategy 1) Relating the product with a good cause, for a soup which is usually part of the diet of the american family.

2)A color which is very femenine for a female buyer.

Now, increasing sales is usually due to two different types of buyers:
a) Regular buyers who will buy more
b) New buyers that never boght the product before, and would not have bought it unless the strategy had been put in place.

In case a) Buyer may feel the amount of soup he or she bought was the right quntity she needed and will hopefuly continue the habit.

In case b)Beacuse it is a good product, buyers will become regular buyers.

Therefore sales will continue to stay permanently at a higher rate than before the strategy was put in place.

Excellent marketing strategy

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Karen Anderson

When I saw the can, I immediately bought it. It's so eye catching.

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