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September 02, 2006



I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks

Elizabeth Rodgers

This is a great topic! I write about moms and technology for a few different sites and this is one that I will definitely explore. I'll be in touch...


and I thought I was the only one....Holly, u know what, I have the same problem with T-Mobile with the very expensive MDA phone I purchased in April. I want to toss the dang phone against a wall. Not only can I not download "real-ringtones", I cannot even download or synch the stupid software that came with the stupid phone, which means I cannot listen to the built in MP3 player. Luckily for me, I have my video Ipod. Here I also thought I was getting in with the "in" crowd only to be tricked into purchasing a phone that does not do half of what I was told my money was paying for. Unbelievable. I should have purchased the new sidekick 3 like I started to; however, I let the stupid t-mobile rep talk me out of it and into this dead-beat MDA phone. I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate the fact that nearly everything you post, I have experienced at one point or another. Like Verizon, if T-Mobile had of done some planning and thought analysis, they would have also realized how very important ringtones, games and graphics are to its customers.... On top of that, my previous V330 phone could do all this. I paid countless dollars for ring tones only to be told they could not be transferred to my new retarded phone with it's ugly, unappealing ringtones. What a way to get ripped off and for T-Mobile to make more money off of stupid, unsuspecting people like myself. Bad for Business!!!

Free Ringtones

Hey Holly you could have just downloaded these tones from Ringaholic.com you can Download free ringtones. Download 1 or 10000 ringtones all for free. No sign ups, no memberships, no fees.

Free Ringtones

oh sorry its http://www.ringaholic.com


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I can't help but laugh at your experience with ringtones. Nice and funny post.


Now we know who the sneibsle one is here. Great post!


I think you're wrong. I'm sure. I can prove it.


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I could write a book about my views on global wanmirg, but I wont. Instead, I would like to note that Al Gore isn92t trying to become president85. haha. Whoever read that obviously isn92t following presidential politics in the least. I just can92t stand when people blow up about something that they are completely uneducated about.

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