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September 27, 2006


Mary Schmidt


Advertising has the same problems other industries - entrenched bureaucracies and hierarchical, hide-bound cultures.

The problems, however, are particularly visible with agencies since advertising is all about (or should be) knowing the target, understanding them, connecting with them. You don't have to be a woman to understand how we buy (Heck, we don't even understand it sometimes) - but it's a sure bet that an old rich white guy that never leaves mahogany row isn't going to "get it." The irony in guys like French dismissing those on the "Mommy track" is that they want to sell to the Mommies! Hello???? Cars, diapers, toothpaste, houses...Mommies make a lot of those decisions.

Marketing in a diverse world requires - well - diversity. And, the companies (advertising or any other) must be willing to mix it up - otherwise, they'll quickly become irrelevant.

From an employee perspective - the big companies are a great place to start - make contacts, learn the industry - and more importantly learn what NOT to do. Then, don't worry about breaking the glass ceiling. Go build your own house and keep those ceilings open! As a client, I much prefer small and micro creative agencies. They're typically much faster, more responsive, and - yes - more fun to work with.

Lastly, us "minorities" need to lose the "victim" speak. Life is unfair, always has been. We should work to change that, for ourselves and others - but let's not whine, waiting for another person or group to step up and fight our battles. The "iron-jawed angels" certainly didn't. They just got busy and stayed committed, over decades, to getting women the vote. They didn't just think outside the box, they burned the damned things.

(Hmmm...can you tell I've been reading about politics again? ;-)


I have to confess that I love the old boy network and the white male dominated world. Because they are so entrenched in the status quo and they have their heads so far up their own asses, they give little businesses like mine (and every other minority owned shop) a terrific opportunity to shine.

I, too, did hard time in Corporate America and know that unless you have some serious connections or are willing to sell your soul and those of several of your closest family members to Wall Street, you aren't going to make a single ripple in the pool of big business. You'll just be out there pulling an oar with the rest of the drudges.

If minorities and women are smart, they'll jump ship and build their own smaller, more nimble ships and outmaneuver and outrun the flagship agencies. When you're not anchored by worry over share prices you can do some really amazing things.

My partner has a sign on his desk that reads, "Don't climb the ladder of success just to find out it was leaning against the wrong wall". There are too many people out there shrieking for a hand up that ladder.

Give it up. The old white guys are not going to give you a hand, other than to slap you. You are a threat to them and they know it.

If you have talent and something unique to the world, then take your time, your energy, your talent and go find another ladder.

If you don't have any talent, go grab an oar and start rowing.

(Note: there are way too many mixed metaphors in that post, but you get the gist of the argument)


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I am a senior, elder able to work part time. I live in San Diego CA. There is no good resoan, if any resoan available to provide jobs for such as myself who can not afford not to work or live in a box. Ignoring the fact we exist and you to will be among this majority, set up a sight for the country to provide these jobs. At the present time and existing for several years, The National Association of Hispanic Elders has provided work/training and real jobs starting with the word Hispanic, here in this country. I was miraculously informed of this organization and as a white American citizen, was accepted in this Hispanic governmental financially funded organization at age 60 something a few years ago. I now need to get a job and don't qualify now, very bizzare.Instead of talking and caring on, please make a sight for all of us real folks get a job.Thanks


60 percent of the deatndfnes were minorities and 40 percent were white, numbers that conflict with the percentages in the general population. African-Americans/minorities commit murder at a far higher rate than whites in America. That likely holds true in Connecticut. Thus it stands to reason that there would be more minorities whose crimes are death-eligible.As for his comment about no rational system, well we don't simply look at the results to make that conclusion. Say what you want about capital punishment it is played by a set of very specific rules, most of which have a reason. Why one murderer gets death and another does not hey Donohoe, here's a clue, it's called a jury system and prosecutorial discretion.


todd g April 15th, 2010 7:46 am joe, very valid point about people haintg ads not just because of the ad content, but because people have been burned or mislead in the past. I run BuySellAds.com and one of the hardest things we deal with is helping people understand that we're not like traditional ad networks. We don't sell remnant inventory and we don't allow 3rd party ad tags (the main sources of malware & crappy ads). What publishers need to fully understand is that putting ANY 3rd party JavaScript on your site opens up vulnerability, and allows ad networks to basically put whatever they want on your site. It is important that publishers work with ad networks that they trust for this very reason. Even if you look at some of the most reputable brand names out there (like very large media companies *cough cough* fox *cough cough*, for example) you will see that they sell plenty of remnant inventory and have some of the crappiest ads out there.Letting profit drive the decions you make while owning an ad network is dangerous that's why you see a lof of the spam and malware that gets into the mix from reputable ad networks.

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