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July 24, 2006



I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. The Visa ad that recognized the computer savy woman is great marketing observation.


Enjoyed your Life Takes Visa post. Wonder if it'll turn out to be a good move for Visa or a "New Coke" experience. Only time will tell.


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I agree with Donna. The reason for rusfeal would have made quite clear to you at the time and yet you don't mention it in your question.The only reason you would have a National Insurance card in your name is if you were working. If you were on a visitors visa, you should not have been be working. The fact that you have a UK bank account in a country you are only visiting is not that unusual, but added to the NI card it is almost certainly looking as though you worked when you were last in the UK. UKBA can now check bank accounts of people seeking entry to the UK. If you have had regular payments such as a salary paid into it from a UK source, or made regular cash payments into it when you were last in the UK, that would prove you broke the conditions of your visa.If this is the case, you will almost certainly be refused a visitors visa again. You will also struggle to get a visa in any other EU country as immigration information is shared between the EU countries now.

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