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July 05, 2006


Mary Schmidt

Great minds and all that! I too noticed the Leoni ad and thought, hmmmm...have to keep that brand in mind. I've always liked Tea Leoni (at least the persona I surmise from her roles and interviews) and this ad was spot on - hit multiple buttons with me, including my big ol' "do gooder" one.

Crystal meth effects

Like you I didn't appreciate the beauty of the fashion model, I don't see any beauty on her. She looks like a raccoon, like you said. Looks not just a heroin addict. but addicted to all kinds of drugs.


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Ich würde gerne so etwas, wenn ich hatte für meine beiden Kinder haben - was für ein besonderer Moment, er ist gefangen, die Sie beide Schatz für immer). Tolle Neuigkeiten - Hooray!

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