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June 08, 2006


Julia Dorofeeva

Absolutely agree.

Women differ in their feelings. They comment less if there's nothing to say, when men are eager to put in a word of their own even if all is said already.

This is how we percieve the world around us.

John Paul Micek

Ok Holly, at the risk of contributing further to the stereotype -- I feel compelled to post a comment. I did check with my partner first though, and she agreed that my post was not testosterone induced. :)

I completely agree with you that men do tend to dominate conversations. And I do think much of the accompanying failure to listen comes from socio-economic conditions in their upbringing. It's one of the reasons so few men are good communicators "off camera" (you know, when other people aren't around.) And come to think of it, very few are good even when they're "on camera."

However, I do believe that it's a blending of behavioral style and societal factors that are at work across the genders.

Women can be "drivers" just as much as men. Sure their expressions of that communication style can be somewhat moderated by societal factors. And yes, a woman in business with a strong directive style may be called different names than a man would be.

But the fact is that many women business owners have a driving/risk taker style but they've been gifted with a different type of upbringing (not getting away with saying everything under the sun like boys.) And that combination makes many women business owners and professionals better communicators -- in general.

Still, put a group of intelligent women together in a competitive environment (like The Apprentice TV show) and you'll see them eat each other alive just like competitive men do. Their core behavioral style comes out.

Anyway, back to the comment issue ... when you're writing on topics that address issues of interest to business leaders, innovators, or owners (as you do here Holly) -- you're inevitably going to have fewer comments on average from both men and women. I believe that's just the nature of the topic. You have an audience of achievers looking for an edge, not necessarily a conversation.

And there you have yet another short little comment from yet another man. :)


Blogs are a good way for networking, we women are good at talking ,not good at networking.


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Kelly King Anderson

Great site, thank you for this post. I am very curious why I get a hundred or so views a day and hardly any posts, so this is good to know! Most of the people who comment on my blog about women entrepreneurs are women who are connected to me personally, not a lot of women I don't know unless they want to be featured on my site, which is great, but I want to figure out how to reach them and create more of a community. I would love to explore this more. I read a bit of "Everything you need to know about blogging" and the author (a woman) said that you get more comments if you (author) also comment/reply...I've been trying that. Best to you! I'll be back.

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