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May 03, 2006


Mary Schmidt

Well, I don't need a man (I can buy dinner, houses, cars and - yes - jewelry without one). But, the real reason is simple - I buy jewelry (with and without diamonds) because I want it, love it, and if I don't buy it for me, nobody else will. (The cats don't quite get the whole work/money/possessions thing ;-)

Oh, and I buy it for both hands too!

Jill Wright

Although I don't work with diamonds, so far 100% of my customers have been women. The split is about 60:40 for themselves or as gifts, and all of the reasons you list above (except the "place" purchase) apply to my customers.

Jewelry Expert, Amanda from All Women's Talk

I still think that women focusing on decorating themselves wish to attract men's attention! Does it have anything to do with showing their strength?

steven davies

In my opinion women buy jewelry only to attract men's attention as Amanda said.But that it not the only way...




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michael jones

A wonderful post! Women really buy jewelry for the reasons you have pointed. But sometimes it is just the thrill of something beautiful.


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I just bought a diamond necklace for myself because it's beautiful and timeless. And, of course, because there's no one in my life at the moment who'd buy me jewelry (I'm 18 and financially independent, so this is more of a "not yet" than "not ever"). There will be some vague meaning attached to it in my mind, but the motivation was just that I wanted something pretty and high-quality.

Lethukuthula xaba

i personal think that woman buy jewellery because they want to look pretty and have something that they can value, because jewellery are very expensevi and can last for a long time .

Ilyse Landsman

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Amy Rebecca Jewelry

Women buy jewelry to feel good about themselves. Also they want fashionable, affordable jewelry. I make handcrafted one of a kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You can see my affordable designs at www.amyrebeccajewelry.com

Vintage Jewelry Store

Nice article. I agree with the author. What about me, I buy all the jewels because I like when all the people around watch on me. They just underline my nature beauty. Thanks for the post.

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Buy Engagement Rings

Women buy jewelry bcz they want to show others that they had wear something more expensive than others. And to grab more attention ........

Solitaire Rings

its the showoff tendency that drives women crazy about Jewelry..

Wedding Rings

Jewelry is such a thing which suits more on women, thts why ..

tiffany jewelry

its shouldnt even be a question why women buy a jewelry...

haha clearly that we just love the feeling with a new and beautiful jewelry

replica house

Who knows why women do anything?


Everyone knows women buy things because they can't resist a good deal.

You just have to make that deal irresistible.

Check out Stauer.com for some examples of that.


Some women spend thousands of dollars on designer clothing, shoes, and handbags. Some spend thousands on spa treatments or weekly mani-pedi's Some choose jewelry, because that's the thing that makes her feel pampered. Women are usually busy taking care of everyone and everything and the thing that takes care of them is one of the aforementioned "treats".

This has been my experience with designing and selling jewelry and accessories for 7 years at http://www.carolinaclover.com

I think the next discussion is...why do men make women feel guilty for buying themselves jewelry and not designer shoes, handbags, clothing or weekly mani-pedi's, how have we marketed to men in such a away that women now feel guilty for buying jewelry. I know my husband now turns the channel everytime "a kiss begins with Kay" comes on the TV. Overkill?

tiffany keys

Actually it is pretty good to see it..hehehe

Bridget Rossi

When my sister bought a diamond ring at a jewelry store in Indianapolis, she told me she felt high-level of satisfaction and achievement for herself! She bought that ring because she was motivated to celebrate the life she has until now. She had just finished her studies and now ready for a job. There are really many reasons why women buy diamonds!

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