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March 17, 2006


Michele Miller

Well, after the last few wondrous days with you, Roy and the rest of the WonderBranding class, I think my ability and willingness to "go for it" has increased exponentially. Let's keep asking those questions and piss off a few people in the process. You were a huge factor in making this class the success it was - looking forward to doing it again!

Chris Busch

As a class attendee let me just say that WonderBranding was great on many fronts.

Our willingness to take chances may be one of the key traits needed to break from the pack. Every copy writer has had the experience of being tethered by the Lilliputians who specialize in dumbing copy down to the least common denominator.

Wonderbranding gave us some needed tools, but also a dose of motivation to go home and throw the cat in the punchbowl.

If I could just find that damn cat!

Gary Bourgeault

I really like the part about people fearing what their customers will think because they need them.

It reminds me of a company that was having a lot of losses through theft and hired a company to look into it.

They found out that some of their customers that bought the most, stole the most.

The point I am making is that we need to really define who our customer is and what constitutes a customer.

I've seen this through the years in the area of returns also where people don't mind abusing it over and over again (it's not hard to know who they are), are they real customers? Can we risk things with them? Are we afraid to say "no" at the right times with those who may inhabit our businesses, but we really can't call a customer?

We as business owners and managers need to face these questions head on, rather than simply repeat the old saying that "the customer is always right."

If they really are our customer I could agree, but that is what we need to decide!


Michele... Know that you are not alone! God has brought many fdniers into your life through blog land that are praying for you and your family. Hang in there!

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