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February 16, 2006


Mary Schmidt

I fell in love with Rufus at first look. And - hmmm - wonder how many men watched the show? Certainly not the guys who drive those big trucks (or maybe I'm wrong, there I go - making a profile assumption!)

While there are still dramatic differences between women and men when it comes to communications styles - I also think the lines are beginning to blur to the confusion of everyone, including the women and men themselves and the marketers trying to sell something to either group. As more of us femmes compete in the "Man's world" the more we take on male characteristics. (good and bad).

And, I'd like to think that most women realize just how ridiculous they look driving a Hummer - but I see more and more suburban Moms wheeling into the parking lots (now, if they'd just learn how to park the humongous things.)

So, bottom line - I think this is a moving target - and the niches are going to get increasingly specialized. Urban women, with rural background who grew up driving trucks, won a bronze in the 2004 Olympics half-pipe, have a MBA and now run the IT department, etc. etc. etc.

Andrea Learned

Oh my, yes.. automakers have a huge opportunity here to speak from connection rather than status, but it could take generations to change that. And, I *have* noticed the cleverness of Hummer's ads (now that you mention them, Holly), even though I'm otherwise not an SUV fan.

For more on heirarchy vs. connection in communication styles, you can also check out Sally Helgesen's classic "The Female Advantage," and Carol Gilligan's book, "A Different Voice."

The bonus of studying the male/female communication styles for business reasons is that the women and men reading our posts may also get some personal relationship communication tips along the way. That's what keeps it all interesting...

Thanks for the mention, Holly.

Nike Air Max

While I have not read the Hotchkiss article nor seen other references to women using the Internet primarily as a communications channel in response to the Pew Study, I do agree with your arguments. My perspective is influenced by my job with a trade association, of which the majority is women, and anecdotal perceptions from discussions with my wife. I too have found the opposite about women being more patient or more comfortable browsing. They seem to be much more quickly irritated by the waste of time than men (who think they’ll get it figured out in another minute or two). Fast, easy, useful – those seem to be three of the most critical factors.


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