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January 27, 2006


Dan Collins

It is amazing to me when I meet with agencies and talk to them about what I do.

I say three things:

1) Account Management
2) Strategy
3) Business Development

Their response tends to boil down to:

"OK...of those, what do you want to focus on?" Apparently in the consulting world these are to be celebrated for the clients... in the agency world, it is a curse.

Apparently having these disclipines separated is of paramount importance to most agencies -- my question is "why the hell can't they go hand-in-hand?"


Take a look at the GoDaddy superbowl ads. I've been trying to figure out what the strategy is behind his playboy bunny type commercials. His business is domain name registration, a service used as much by women as by men.

If you read the CEO's blog you get a good idea of the kind of thinking behind the company. They don't use outside ad agencies anymore, they set up their own production company. Basically Bob Parson's philosophy seems to be "hey, she's hot and the rest of you are uptight if you don't agree." He even tells women customers on his blog to "lighten up."

I can only guess that he doesn't want the business of women, moms, and business owners.

I've never seen a CEO chase away business like this. Who wants to be associated with him and his company? He seems to be trying to appeal to the pornographer-and-teenage-boy demographic. Ick.

Some domain name registration company could make a lot of money right now by picking up the women and business people who are leaving GoDaddy and looking for a new home. Preferably one where the CEO isn't drooling all over himself.


I think both of these folks (Rachel & Pat) are extreme spaekers using emotion (especially Pat) to share their view. I do agree that Rachel judges people by race. It's convenient, popular and she articulates her view well. Pat is just as emotional about his view but articulates his view with race as well.In my view, at this moment in our countries time, intentional placement of non-white/females/over 40 people is appropriate. I've reviewed the hearings of Sotomayor and although this candidate is not among this countries best, this candidate is at the right place at the right time. This country seems to need to look at a person to deem them appropriate for the job. That's just where we find ourselves today.In the end, Rachel is more correct than Pat but they both embarrass me as an American. Rachel with her comment The last 109 Supreme Court Justices were white, this one needs to be non-white view and Pat with his White men are discriminated against . Money use to drive extreme views now it's ratings. I now understand why other countries believe America has lost its magic.

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