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December 03, 2005


Bisi Adepo-Bassey

I trully agree with this view point. us women are all unique in our attributes and characteristics. I consider the "soccer mom" philosophy condescending. While I am a proud mom of two boys (who will probably end up loving soccer like their dad), I also consider myself a quick thinking, street smart, top notch business woman (amongst many things).

Mary Schmidt

I admit, when I hear the term "Soccer Mom" I think "brain dead woman who has sacrificed her career/life/brain to her children and never learned how to drive the mini-van/SVU - much less park it." Whew! Aside from being a horrendously long label - it's also grossly unfair. I know many women (and men) that organize their lives so they can attend soccer games, but they also work hard, enjoy their marriage, and have adult lives.

Jinal Shah

I second Mary's comment.

Karen Barnes

I just read a study that said only 2% of moms attended a soccer game last year...Amen. May the soccer mom stereotype rest in peace.

Luis Andrade

Soccer moms are alive and everywhere. Just pay attention at the scores of oblivious, aloof women that endanger everyone else on our roads behind the wheel of their 2-ton weapon.


I want to be a soccer mom!, I mean I want to play soccer myself....is so much fun!
Would not be great to train and play..great and fun way to keep on shape....but I can not find any league!

Mike Eberle

Aloha from Hawaii,

I cannot disagree more with your comments as I find them to be degrading and insensative and totally way off base.

We intend to honor the "soccer mom" not just here in Hawaii but nationally and internationally with a contest that will
recognize her for being what see is a caring loving, smart person, who takes care of her children and others to make sure they get to practice on time, have clean uniforms, have plenty of liquids to drink and yell like hell when they hit the ball and comfort them when they loose.

You give women a bad name.

Holly Buchanan


moms should be celebrated for all the reasons you list. Nobody deserves more respect and appreciation than moms.

But the vast majority of women I talk to (and that's a LOT of women) feel the "soccer mom" label is not a label they want applied to them.

Let's loose the "soccer" and celbrate moms in all their diverse, wonderful, multi-faceted lives.


The soccer mom lives! I'm a manager at a walmart and I've been dealing with the soccer mom for over 10 years and I can tell you that the majority of what's said about them rings true based on my observations. The minivans, bratty kids, stressed out and under appreciated looks on their faces the frustration from having to multitask the same routines everyday. but what I can tell you is that growing up in a household with two busy professionals for parents I wish I my mom spent more time with me like that coming to all my games and just making more time for my brothers and I. That's why I can't understand why women get offended by the title.


I'm sorry girls. "soccer" for women was invented in US. Americans laugh when somebody ask about a eagles female team or where is NFL for women? well, the real football ("soccer") is for man. If you girls want to play. That's fine with me. Go ahead. But it seems like a game UNDER WATER. The whole world (except some schartznegger women) know the beautiful game is for males. Look, "soccer" is the most democratic sport. Anybody play. But don't cry if nobody bother to watch women playing...we love you :)


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This forum ndeeed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!


I've been anksig the question, Where are all the articulate political women? We understand the problems, now lets move on to the solutions.Empowerment. Love. Integrity. Find your passion, then do something about it!


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I think a lot of the aggression in the deatbe about staying at home with your kids or going back to work has to do with guilt. (unnecessary guilt in my opinion)Nowadays a woman who has kids can't do it right.If she stays at home she will be labeled by some people as taking the easy route. Also if she had a good and lengthy education (college then university and so on)and a good job and then decides to quit to stay home at least for some time, quite a few people will not understand and will say that she is wasting her education. I was asked 3 weeks after delivery when I would get a job again .I have a university degree, and the asker couldn't understand that I chose to stay home for at least a year or two.On the other hand women who choose to, or simply have to go back to work again are labeled as bad mothers for leaving their children with strangers at a daycare center.No matter what decision a mother makes nowadays she is always wrong. She will be either labled as an unproductive member of the family that doesn't contribute to the income and is wasting her education, or as the career hungry workaholic who is willing to give away her children for the sake of her career.Therefore a lot of women think that the have to defend their way of life so aggressively by attacking anyone who chooses to do it different than themselves.


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I think every mother shluod decide for their own. I personally couldn't leave my child,but some have to because of financial issues or whatever it may be. I don't think we have to tell our reasons or anything. I don't look down on any mother. A mom is a mom regardless of the job she has or doesn't have!!! I agree with you =)


Impressed with the delightful and enrtteaining service I received this afternoon during my brief chat with Michael FYI; I've moved on from woodland creatures, the squirrel is history. I'm now thinking coyote or panther if Disney calls, you'll know why. Hee hee. Thanks for the laugh today.


Michael!Love the new site! Way to step to! Thanks so much for always going above and benyod on uni's etc. Always deserves a case o'NewCastle Hope to C you Weds .wish you were coming with.

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